While in Canterlot, Twilight Sparkle has come across a bat pony named Shadow Blaze, and he has his own ways of being tested by the daily trials of friendship. He has to see things in a different way than most ponies do. He may even teach Twilight and her friends a few things about friendship they didn't even know.

This is rated teen to be safe. Some ideologically sensitive topics will be present in this story.

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The Smiling Mare: a mysterious figure that has appeared in the works of Picture Pattern, Saddledor Dali, and even Andy Warhoof. But who is she? What does that smile hide?

Posey wishes to learn more about her and Izzy has a traditional unicorn ritual for this situation! It involves drugs. By entering a plane of higher consciousness, Posey reaches across time to meet the Smiling Mare, but will she like what she sees?

Written for May Pairings Contest 2022. The pair in question is Posey and Tree Hugger (non-romantic).

I'm not fully satisfied by this story, but I wanted to publish it before Make Your Mark came out and potentially contradicted how Posey is presented here. The story was conceptualized before we knew she would be a major character in that, but I did try to incorporate what we've seen in clips of her personality.

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The young six scrape together enough bits to rent a cottage in the woods for their spring break, bringing their bond as friends even closer!

A writing exercise that turned into a fluff piece for my friend Semillion! Big thanks to them for introducing me to this squad of rascals in the first place.

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Description masterfully created by BleuBloom

Miraak the first dragon born has been slain.

By spear and lance with blood flowing from his veins.

Laid low, laid low...

...the weak, the innocent...the brave.

But with tidings most strange and devious...

This was not his life's end. No...

Under Celestia light...he awoke...as a pony.

What ficklest things may a dragon be...with such a gift?

But there is a prophecy.... a prophecy that ties him with the fate of Equestria.

Will he raze it to the ground?

Or will he save it from the impending doom?

Will he succeed?

Or will he become corrupt just like in the previous life, a deceit?

A monster, that roams around killing the innocent?

But fear not O ponies of faith!

Other hero's will rise if he is unable to do so...

And Titans will collide…heavy casualty on both sides

The world against him is but barely a fair fight…


So pray that his very existence is not your impending doom…

But a mercy of light.

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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls Bugged Out

The Turtles, Rainbooms and all of their friends are in for an adventure like no other.
From another world, a new friend by the name of Roland, came to seek help. For in his world, he is their brother, and their Shredder survived the attack. And in his lust for conquest, the Turtles, Rainbooms and all of their friends from their world had perished or fell in battle.
Now it's a race against time to find the artifacts that can be accessed to the single source of all Reality, and Shredder is after it.
Not only do they need the help of their friends and allies, but other Turtles from different worlds. This...is the fight...across the Shell-Verse.

***Shine Boy and Team Shine characters belong to WarriorofFaith18, used with permission
*** Based on Fiction by Wildcard25
***Disclaimer: I do not own Equestria Girls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), or any of the other characters.
***Special shoutout to Wildcard25, Darth Wrex, Mister V, WarriorofFaith18, Jebens1 and AmethystMajesty25 for giving me the opportunity to write this Fanfic.

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Time Turner comes to Rockville on official geological business; unfortunately that business involves greenlighting a project to destroy the Painted Hills, a local natural wonder and a fondly remembered foalhood locale of local rock farmer, Maud Pie. Unhappy with his assignment, Time seeks Maud's help in saving the landmark by uncovering an ancient secret. The more time they spend together in the hills, the more their weirdness seems to fit together... Oh, yes and Maud's pet rock turned jealous ex, Boulder is trying to kill them which appears connected to it all in some strange way.

Maud Pie x Dr. Whooves

The 'sex' tag is purely for some innuendo but the story does contain hot fossil collecting action.

My submission for the May Pairings Contest 2022.

Cover by me, as always.

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Nobody understands the internet. Not you, not I, not the horses living on another planet billions of years in the future, not your dog.

Written for the One Thousand Word contest by Bicyclette. The runner up with a participation trophy is back in the game!

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This story is a sequel to Never Break A Promise to Your Mom

Featured May 23-24, 2022.

Cozy Glow, after her stint in villainy, decides to devote her life to defeating villains. She says it is for the good of Equestria and friendship. It is certainly not because she wants her mom to lower her punishment and extra credit.

What a silly, silly idea.

Though not being grounding is certainly a side benefit.

This is my take on a kinda-reformed Cozy Glow.

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Applejack and Fluttershy discover a bouquet of flowers on the farmhouse's porch. When it turns out that they've been delivered for Granny Smith, the two need to know who's courting the Apple family elder.

Written for the May Pairings Contest 2022!

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Rainbow Dash is determined to reclaim the top-scoring spot on her favorite arcade cabinet.

In the spirit of May Pairings

This was originally a Hearth's Warming gift (during an exchange organized by Quills and Sofas) for Writing Spirit, who requested a crackship! It's about time it found its way onto the site

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