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Hello, randoms of the pony fanon!
I have come here to treat all of you with those wierd, unusual, and somehow funny stories that are submitted. All who read them are touched in some way - either from confusion, sadness, laughing too hard, or a mixture of those feelings.
Not only is this Group for random stories, it's also for all the Random bronies of this site!
So come one, come all!

A story should only be in one of these folders, with the obvious exception being the "Best of the Best" category.
Funny Randomness -- These are for stories that are so random, they're funny.
Random Ideas -- For those stories that that have a pretty random idea; yet the author somehow pulls it off in a logical -- but still random -- way. Does not require the "Random" tag.
WTFDIJR? -- Stands for "What The F*ck Did I Just Read?". For those stories that have a pretty random idea; and then the author decides to make it even more random than it should be.
Written while drunk, sick, or high off meds -- Speaks for itself. Does not require the "Random" tag, although it usually does.
Random Because the Tag Said So -- Any story that does not seem to fall under any of the above.
Best of the Best -- A place for the best random stories in the group.

• No trolling or spamming. This will cause automatic banning from the group, and probably the website.
(There will be more)

Note that we will be having many discussions on our threads, so keep thread notifications ON. You can also PM me to ask a question for my "Random Questions" Threads.

Don't forget about the neon green koalas and their connection to the fiscal cliff!

DJ GarV the Expert

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Is this group still active?

Hello everypony, I just joined this group. Glad to be here!

Can anyone give me some help? I have a story I want to submit, but I can't figure out which folder it would best go in. So, how about someone goes over the story and then decides the folder it goes in, okay? The story is called: Going Backwards. That sounds pretty crazy, doesn't it?

Um, I was just wondering if I could add my story into the Random Ideas folder. It's just that I'm not too sure if it qualifies or not. Oh, and this is the story: The Invasion Of The Giant Flying Fish. Thankyou for acknowledging this comment:twilightsmile:.

333074 Random, sounds like Pinkie Pie?

I'm sure I'll love teasing the lot of you!

A random group. I am home. :fluttercry:

Oh, yes. I have found a group after my own, bizarre heart.


*Goes on Godzilla-Style rampage*

Well, this place looks fun! *Sets up camp* Thank I'll chill here for a bit, make myself at home :pinkiecrazy:

I approve of this.

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