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I'm a musician, songwriter, and erstwhile actor and improviser, with a BA in theatre and a minor in Latin. That's the short version.


Against All Odds Submitted · 10:20am Nov 29th, 2015

As of about a minute ago, I submitted Derpy's final "Misadventure" story.

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I'm in the middle of moving, actually, so it's not the greatest time right now. I suppose I'm doing okay overall, though.

Hi fellow musician! How are you? :pinkiehappy:

1792324 Of course. Pointless violence is what makes certain grimdark fanfics, Cupcakes for instance seem so distasteful. I'm going to read Sun Eater, and I'll be sure to let you know what i think

1790966 I don't know about that. I think violence should always serve a purpose in a story. It's just that when it's serving that purpose, I sometimes wonder if I'm not too vivid in my descriptions of it. On the one hand, I feel that dumbing it down to "So-and-So stabbed Such-and-Such, killing him," isn't making the point of how horrible it is for someone to be stabbed. On the other hand, going into the degree of detail I sometimes do seems excessive even to me.

Either way, I hope you enjoy the story.

Looking back on it now, it's not nearly as well-written as some of my later work, and certainly nothing that I've done on FiMFiction is as thought-through or fastidiously edited as the book I'm working on for self-publication, right now. Still, "Sun Eater" is pretty fun as weird alt universe fanfic goes, I think, so have fun. Also, leave a comment and tell me what you think of it.

1790081 Awesome, thank you. And btw, you can never have too much violence.

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