Welcome to the home of true horror. If all you want is a cheap thrill or a sickening gorno fic, move along. This is Lovecraft Country folks, sophisticated horror.

A depository for any fics or stories with a Lovecraftian feel to it. For those who may be confused, Lovecraftian is a style of horror created by world renowned author HP Lovecraft. It typically encompasses the following:

-Emphasis on the cosmic horror of the unknown (in some cases, unknowable) over gore or other elements of shock, though these may still be present in healthy doses.

-Helplessness and hopelessness- Although a Lovecraftian hero may deal a "setback" to malignant forces, their victories are temporary, and they usually pay a price for it.

-Unanswered questions. Characters rarely if ever fully understanding what is happening to them, and often going insane if they try.

-Sanity's fragility and vulnerability. Characters being unable to cope with the extraordinary truths they learn. The strain of trying to cope may be impossible to bear and insanity takes hold.

-Little emphasis on blood and gore, preferring to let the reader scare themselves about what horrible thing could be there, as opposed to the shocking and gruesome, but not actually very scary, mutilated corpse that is there.

When submitting, make sure you put your story in the right folder:

If it is essentially a retelling of an HP Lovecraft story, but set in the pony universe, put it in 'Lovecraft Parodies/ponifications' (eg. The Call of Cthulhu, retold with ponies)

If it is a crossover between the universe of HP Lovecraft and other popular Lovecraftian fiction, and the MLP universe, place it in 'Lovecraft Crossovers' (eg. Twilight Sparkle and randoph Carter go adventuring through the dreamlands together)

If it is a story that isn't actually related to the works of HP Lovecraft, but still takes cues and inspiration for his works and Lovecraftian horror in general, put it in 'Stories with Lovecraftian Elements' (eg. A malevolent unknowable entity awakens, and it is up to the Mane 6 to defeat it, all the while struggling to preserve their sanity)

Anyways, hope to see plenty of splendid stories pile up in here. So long, and Ia Cthulhu Fhtagn!

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H.Pony LoveCart

did they mean H.P. LoveCraft ?

So i found these story's and i wonder if they are eligible for this group, i know that three at least have some elements but i wanted to check first

1. I Cast It at the Darkness

2. Starts with F, Ends with L

3. Who wants to live forever?

4. Spike's Destiny

I think we need an icon. What do you guys think?

I'm glad to see a group like this existing :twilightsmile:

What about Kafka? Is there a group for Kafkaesque stories, or could folders be created here for Kafkaesque stories?

Aaaaah~! How wonderfully maddening to see a group dedicated to the one TRUE master of horror. Despite his work being treated as 'bizarre' and 'Unconventional' he truly has the fan-base he deserved. Its sad Sir Lovecraft isn't around to see it, eh? I will be writing my own Lovecraftian inspired novella and stories soon. In a series I'd like to call... "Tales from beyond infinity." If anyone would like to follow, please do!

I wish I had found this sooner.

So, if the crossover elements are part of the mythos, such as one of the great old ones, rather than a human character, is it still crossover, or just Lovecraftian Elements?

I can't believe you exist! I am fortunate, "The Library of Lovecraftian and Lovecraft-inspired Fiction," for you appear in my life at a most singular time, scarcely a week after I have finished reading my first Lovecraft story. I have to say, this is truly a god sent gift :pinkiesad2:.

I'm hoping that my contributions to this, distinct, peculiar group, will get myself, along with the group noticed, however i doubt i would be noticed.

The Blind Horror has arrived and seeks supple pony carcasses to quell his insatiable, unrelenting bloodlust. C'mon, guys. We can do better than this. Let's start some shit.

I can't do much for members, but I have stories lines up this Halloween. I'll bring you your Azathoth.

Nothing is happening here! We need more members. :ajsleepy:

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