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Welcome to site 66, where we have contained a small chunk of Africa known as "Equestria" inside of a top-secret base. Why? Well, that's on a need-to-know basis. Unless you are 0-5, you do not need to know. All YOU need to know is that there are prismatic ponies. And they talk.

Of course, we all need the link back to the main site, in case any of you were wondering.

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Hello scp foundation I am oculous the hunter guardian of chima king of the multiverse and hunter of rare treasurer's and a big time gamesmen I wish to grant an audience with you if your not too busy I come to bring you an offer 2 men named Dr Wondertainment and Mr hurman fuller hired me to get the little green soapstone statue haunter in the dark

:D im so happy their are scp my little pony fimfictions!

I'm considering making a story about pinkie pie growing up in the foundation, is that a good idea?

Lol, I have a blog post about prismatic ponies.

I both love SCP Containment breach and My Little Pony!

Something like it.
It was some sort of, alternate dimension Foundation site; we only know for certain that much.

Was that where the breach took place?

But do you know what happened to site-13?

Does anyone here know about SCP 1730?

hey 049 have you seen 131 anywhere? i cant find them and i need to clean 173's container....

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381889 ...well okay then... il guss il just be going... uh bye? :applejackunsure:

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