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While most groups are about humans, aliens, and other organics coming to Equestria. This group focuses on stories where robots, droids, A.I.'s, or even cyborgs arriving in the land of harmony.

Quick reminder cyborgs are organic beings with robotic attachments or cybernetic installed into their bodies. So NO Spartans or any space marines, because unless in the story they have robotic limbs or something, or have an A.I. with them, their just humans with metal suits.

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It's actually from Halo, 343 Guilty Spark.

Why does the avatar for this group look like Wheatley from Portal 2? :derpyderp2:

HPMOR fans are dumb

NO Spartans

Not trying to nitpick or anything but if you mean the Halo Spartans then they are kinda of cyborgs since they need a cybernetic implant to operate their suits.

387810 I am an HUGE fan of Transformers! :raritystarry:

364436 Did you say "Cybertronians"?! :raritystarry:

Who likes my story? :pinkiehappy:

Spartans are cyborgs, says so in combat evolved and Halesys journal. The Neural Implant is what makes them so, also the reason why prosthetic technologies work for them more efficiently, otherwise Kat would have been removed from Nobel Team and given a desk job. Space Marines not so much, all their augments are genetic, well there are a few of them that are half machine or more so, the Emperor is at least 90% machine. It all depends on the Chapter and the specific character in question.

I am loving the Geth on the top of the page, and Grimlock with Derpy!!! I'm gonna take a look around and find a few more stories to add to my bookshelf.

Stay Brony :twilightsmile:

yeah spartans have had both cybernetic and genetic changes

Aren't Spartans cyborgs? They have cybernetic implants in the back of their skulls for the insertion of AIs.

366174 Hmm good question, ya just put it in both.

It's a robot with an extremely advanced adaptable AI. Would that go under robot AND AI?

365735 Well the robot is in Equestia, so yeah it counts:twilightsmile:, just put it in the right folder.

does a story where a robot was _MADE_ in Equestria count?

358783 Alright, Just to let you know, that story was venting.

358134 Guilty as charged:derpytongue2:

Someone posted my crack fic about The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past From the Future here?

Wow. :pinkiecrazy:

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