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Technology: a product of the human mind. For centuries mankind has thrived on the creation and development of new mechanical wonders; from the first spear to hand held rifles, and the glider to jet powered aircraft. Man has always sought to reach for the skies and even beyond, to quench our ever expanding thirst for knowledge. Will we ever satisfy our desire? Only time will tell, but for now our only limit is our imagination.

Magic: a cosmic wonder that lives in all the beings of Equestria. This everlasting energy stream flows through every organic life-form, and some are even given the extraordinary gift to control it. From this branches near endless uses for magic ranging from spells and enchantments, to offensive and defensive applications. Magic is a mystery that no pony truly understands, and that only adds onto the possibilities yet to be discovered.

However...which one of these evolutionary tools is superior; the mechanical marvels of the human mind, or the cosmic wonder that is the magic of Equestria? That my friends, is for you to decide. In this group we search for your interpretations of the outcome for this epic clash of titans. Who will win? Who will fall? We shall see. Let the battle begin...

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

-Arthur C. Clarke


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Only the mane seven are imprisoned aboard one of the u-boat's and the cell on the u-boat is lined with lead so they can't use there superpowers

Sounds like it would be a fine addition :twilightsmile:

Of course the eqestria girls are aboard a German u-boat and they have there pendence' s and they have to stop a entire german fleet 10 u-boat's 4 destroyer's 7 battleship's and 9 aircraft carrier's and the captain frize cregger.

Of course the eqestria girls are aboard a German u-boat and they have there pendence' s around there necks

As long as it has some form of magic in conflict with technology

Can you write a story about the eqestria girls in 1918Germany

415098 thanks for telling me, I can post my story on this site now without worrying

414950 This is fine, as long as some form of conflict exists between the two forces as well.

would it be allowed if the humans use technology but they also use tiny bits of magic, like their leader or certain elements in their armies.

example: the fable trilogy where the main country is all science and tech but their are a few individuals who have access to a form of magic

411457 As long as it displays a conflict between the forces of technology and magic, no matter what pre-existing source material, it's perfectly acceptable :twilightsmile:

Would a light Star Wars/MLP crossover be permissible to put in this group? One of the central conflicts would be between pro tech Equestrians vs those who believe in the return of magic

I can't add anything to the Human Tech VS Magic folder... why is that?

Today we reach!!


Even if ponies had the technological capabilities of mankind, who's to say they'd be as good as us? Magic in theory, is key to their existance. Mix magic and some basic technology, and they'll stray off and become based around magic all over again. In my opinion, I believe magic held ponies back. Their magic ceases technological innovation. They don't need technology, so they don't realize what's holding them back because they have a limit to what they want. They don't want because they don't need, but if they need, they use magic as a solution. Magic is a short term solution, for a long term situation, atleast in my opinion it is.

Humans don't have magic, but magic is a thing of dreams and fantasy. But... Why do we want magic, if we have innovation, and our bodies? Our bodies are better than the ponies in many ways. I will not list what I learned from a video -- because I'm going to put it here:

So... Why do people believe that ponies are better? Because they learn without any real issues as results?

Who needs magic, when you have technology that advances over time, making all humans capable of things only certain ponies could do?

I have a story about a MIG pilot and her copilot stuck in Equestria. Do I put it under the Human Tech vs. Magic folder? I'm assuming so. :rainbowhuh: It's actually human tech but from the Equestria Girls world.

Magic is a stable force, it can not get better or worse. Yet while technology is currently far below the powers of magic, it has the potential to rise far above, as it has no bounds.

397027 I already have a story about a person who can do that stuff.

396640 Yes, and that is a very specific description :rainbowderp:

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