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confused freedom noises
My god, a few point made sense, but the rest was a fucking wackamole show to me. That was also a pretty extensive manifesto for a group that likes gun toting cute ponies.

I Like guns too
Theyre great weapons, really good for stories because explosions
scrolling down, I just wanna know why this guy posted a book

I like guns.
That's all I'm gonna say.

This is DemolitionRanch's goto porn group.

Damn, you are one paranoid, misinformed SOB. Mistaking progress for some hostile “SJW” takeover. Shitting on feminism, Islam, black culture and immigration while claiming to understand them. Playing the victim card. Playing the commie card. Dehumanizing anyone who doesn’t subscribe to your own worldview. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you definately voted for Trump.

I'll PM it to you and post it here, so more people can see it. I don't believe in some fancy all-consuming ideology where people obey or die, I just think countries should try hard to not suck, societies should hate sucky things and love unsucky things, and rape is bad. But here comes the Silver Star Apple Manifesto, I guess. All my views, beliefs, opinions, and thoughts on the world and what countries and societies are for and should be.

1. The role of the state is to do for the common man what he cannot do himself. To provide a good home, a good economy, good roads, a functional military that can defend its borders from invaders, and a safe country, united under the rule of law, which should apply to all people equally. None of this "We don't want to investigate these rape gang cases for real because the rape gangs are foreigners and we don't want to look racist by arresting the criminal ones" or "We don't want to persecute or arrest anyone over male or female genital mutilation because it's their culture and we don't want to seem culturally insensitive" or "We don't want to stop and search people for illegal deadly weapons in crime-ridden areas with a lot of members of X ethnic group because we don't want them to call us racist" bullshit.
2. The purpose of the law is to make evil people choose to be moral on pain of fines/imprisonment/death. To make people drive safely and responsibly, and to keep the psycho knife murderers off the streets and away from the kids and into the prisons. Not to force oppressive bullshit onto people, like "If you make more than x amount of milk from your cows, farmers, you must pour it down the drain" and "No criticizing the government online or in public" and "lol here's a tax on sugar that triples the price of sugary bevarages we don't want you poor people drinking" and "Under 16s can't buy milk and eggs, nobody can legally own a gun or knife, and don't piss us off or we'll send cops to your house to arrest you and steal your fucking bike wheels!"
3. The purpose of societal taboos is to make people choose to avoid certain legal but undesirable acts, such as dressing like a slut in public where kids might see, letting crimes go unpunished, eating yourself into morbid obesity, being a jerk to service industry people, directly and intentionally teaching kids to swear, treating your significant other poorly, lying, cheating on your significant other, and being a homewrecker. Thinking things the government doesn't want you to think and critiquing people in power and people the governments want protected should never be a societal taboo.
4. An armed society is necessary to keep your government from getting too big for its britches. What about bad people with guns? Well, good people with guns can stop them. If having to own a gun and carry it around on the off chance that you might need to use it sounds horrifying/oppressive/some other word that means bad, talk to the survivors of the Pulse nightclub massacre in Ohio, because none of them thought they'd ever need to carry a gun, either. The Gun Control Debate is dead because gun-free zones don't work. If they did, school shootings wouldn't happen.
5. Freedom of speech is the most important human right. It's what you use to talk to others, to express your views and feelings and thoughts, to debate others on their feelings, and to find out the truth. And if some violent animal says "Free speech is good but you need to be willing to accept the consequences of that speech! If you say anything I don't like I'll punch you!", ask that idiot if a man in North Korea who openly says "I don't love the Emperor!" and gets shot in the street by the military police for it has free speech and is just suffering the consequences for it.
6. The purpose of debate is to find out who's right and who's wrong. Evidence and Reason are important. If that breaks down because you're talking to a lying baby who refuses to see the value of Evidence and Reason and will never admit when he's wrong, debate becomes a parody of itself, a performance art that exists to convince the audience that you're right and your opponent should stop embarassing himself with this childish behaviour already. The liberals you see jumping straight into this behaviour from the start are the ones who know they can't win a real mature debate, because they're wrong. That's why they try so hard to convince the audience that their opponents are mean smelly doodooheaded thoughtcriminals who need to be shouted down and brought to justice.
7. Feminism is a hate group that seeks to weaponize as much of the female gender as possible by lying to it and demanding that it be coddled and babied and lied to from day one, while calling it oppressed so it'll want to be coddled and babied and lied to even more. Feminism openly encourages women to lie, refuse self-reflection and critical thought, debate dishonestly, use sex as a bargaining tool and ultimatum, hate men, abuse men, infiltrate organizations, enforce laws that harm men out of spite (See:Duluth Model), see themselves as infinitely perfect queens that deserve infinitely perfect kings for being female, and have as few positive personality traits as possible. The birth rate in western feminist-filled countries is dropping like a stone because feminists aren't getting the men they want, and they aren't turning the boys they lie to and shame and bully and use into the men they want either. Women are regularly raped and killed in third world countries. Women are regularly raped and killed in countries and areas of that are becoming third world, thanks to corrupt government officials importing the third world en masse for cheap votes despite the harm it does to the economy and society. And yet, feminists aren't protesting over the real sexism inherent within the Quaran, the Islamic Bible. They're claiming there's sexism inherent within gaming and masculinity because they hate these things, and want to dominate and "Improve" them the way they "Improved" every other group they ever infiltrated. Feminism is a hate group, and if it wasn't, it wouldn't have duped so many different people with so many different racial, cultural, and gender identities into joining it in its one-sided war against the western world and its accomplishments, achievements, virtues, and successes. Feminism hurts men. False rape accusations hurt men more than getting convicted of rape hurts women, thanks to all the feminists turning the courtroom biased.

You can't say your oppressed in a society that coddles you, protects you, gives you shorter sentences in softer prisons, makes "But I'm a woman!" the best argument for getting to have child custody and child support payments possible, makes "But I'm a woman and pregnant!" a good argument for getting out of going to jail, gives you job priority and additional job protection regardless of your ability and personality, and gives you more priveleges than any other race, gender, or group in the country. Well, you can, but you can't and shouldn't expect respect from anyone intelligent enough to see what's wrong with that.
8. Inner-city black communities went to shit because they elected Democrats, who turned them into shitholes dependent on Welfare for survival. To survive in their current state, they need to vote in Democrats, because they keep the money for "Dem pograms" running in. They accepted and embraced this and their Perpetual Victim Status for the same reason there is no black Shakespeare, no black Tolstoy, and no black Tesla. Their culture is still stuck in "Beg for free stuff and blame everything wrong with us on groups we hate" mode. Successful black people become successful by either abandoning black culture and working hard in western society, or by becoming the top dog in black culture with the shiniest bling and the hoodiest gangsta status and the loudest yells of "Whyte pipo waycis! All the communities and countries we're given fall apart and it's whitey's fault!". It would be genuinely racist to say it's a racial thing, as if humanity could have smarter and dumber breeds in the same way dogs can. I don't believe that. People aren't dogs. What I do believe is that deeming modern black culture "Too ethnic to critique" is racist. What, are we just supposed to have lower expectations for people with that skin tone? Why, because you think they can never become as good as people with other skin tones? That's legitimately racist. That kind of thinking is what stops black communities from thinking they should stop sucking so much, stop sucking up so much government aid, and start fixing their own problems so they won't need said government aid any more.
9. Voting against human rights should be MORE politically disastrous than getting caught shagging six prostitutes at once in a big drug-fuelled orgy and then stiffing all of them with the bill.
10. Communists aren't people because Communism says to stop being a person and start being a dangerous lying primate who needs to be babied by an all-powerful Communist government and will say whatever he feels need to be said so he can be babied under that all-powerful Communist government and experience personal fulfillment. Humanity has tried Communism and variants of Communism many times, and it never works out, which is why Communists are raised to hate all other systems of government and economy, even Capitalism, even though Capitalism has lifted more poor people out of poverty than any other system, including Monarchy, which got a serious head start and still lost. Communists think human rights are bad, and that's stupid, because human rights were the first idea and ideal that all human civilizations were built on.
11. Enforcers of a legal system who selectively enforce poorly-defined laws are really just using those laws as a club to attack citizens they don't like and citizens who do things they don't like. See:SJW admins on reddit, 4chan, and a few other sites bullying users they want gone. Also see: Twitch thots who get away with showing sexually inappropriate content on streams not openly rated 18+ because of favouritism.
12. Excessive taxation is bad. Small and easily-paid amounts of taxation is reasonable because it lets the common man pay his fair share towards the upkeep of a good, stable government and its good, stable society. If the government isn't good and stable, if it's a shitshow where overly-paid fatcats pretend to think and yell over each other for two hours a day and spend the rest of their lives as idle rich assholes, or where all-powerful dictators use militarized police to oppress people, why the hell should anyone fund that?
13. Smoking should be banned. If it only affected you personally like heroin, it would just be another drug, but it's worse than heroin. Smoking poisons you and everyone around you. It provides no good to the world. E-cigs are alright as long as they're tobacco-free.
14. The EU is so corrupt, it banned memes. Why? Because memes helped Brexit happen, memes helped Donald Trump win, and the left can't meme. The EU is corrupt and oppressive, it's a failed social experiment, and it needs to go.
15. I don't personally agree with this view, but if we really are all just big dumb meat-animals on a pointless insignificant rock, then the ability to create cultures and towns and civilizations is a survival mechanism that evolved just like our ability to make pointy sticks and bronze swords did. Which means a society is only good if it ensures that as many good people survive as possible while killing the bad/locking them away where they can't harm the good.
16. Corporate-worshipping Neoreligion is stupider than regular religion.
17. The violent, oppressive, stone-age views of Islam are incompatible with the modern world. Islam is not a race, it's an ideology with a built-in religion that contains detailed instructions on how to lie, cheat, steal, jihad, and make things easier for jihadists.
18. Antifa is a terrorist organization. George Soros funds terrorist organizations.
19. Rape is bad.
20. Genocide is bad.
21. If you make a false rape accusation that's proven to be false, you should be locked away for the time your victim would get. You should also be as universally reviled as actual rapists.
22. Immigration is a shit solution to the problem of third world shithole countries because it doesn't address WHY everyone wants to flee shithole countries. It also doesn't address why they hop across borders illegally and make dangerous journeys in rafts across oceans to get to countries offering free lunches to immigrants, rather than countries that don't offer free lunches but are closer to the countries they flee from and more stable and healthy. The people left behind in shithole countries suffer, and they shouldn't. We should be fixing their shit up so they can stand on their own feet, not importing the only dissatisfied ones among them into our own country so they can't do anything to help their own people besides sending back excess benefit money to their families.

The ultimate goal of any society was survive, as I understood it. Tell me your understanding of societies ultimate goals. Give me insight in your sociological observations and comprehension.

I'd suggest via PM, if that's alright with you.

"Immorality and evil"? Morality is what we use to figure out what's good and what's evil, man.

Tell me, what are the goals of our society? When you can tell me that, you can understand why things that go against those goals are illegal. Murder and rape of fellow citizens, speaking out against the SJWs, and so on.

That is a horse of a different color. Immorality and evil are determined by what the morals of society and the individuals within it. Hitler thought he was doing the right thing.

Nah. Look at pedos, man. They think what they want to do should be welcomed and celebrated, and they're wrong and stupid.

They'll have to take them from my cold corpse. And evil is... subjective.

heh, I guess I am. And remember, if you let them take your guns, they'll take everything else after that. They're evil.

You are seriously everywhere.

And I shall keep my guns safe... with my rifles.

The government wants to steal your guns.

Holy crap I am drooling at the sight of so many beautiful weapons of destruction:applejackconfused:

Excuse me for not knowing, but is a Remington 870 with slugs, a scope, and a silencer the ultimate weapon? Because when a 12 gauge is loaded with slugs, I'm pretty sure it becomes a .73 caliber boom-stick. Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

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