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What if we kissed during the changeling invasion of Canterlot? hahaha jkjk... unless? O///O

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Then: Ed Jai

Then: Kill with Rabbits

Then: Anon1

Then: Iron Gauntlet

Then: Iron Galley

Then: Armes Bascarmes

Then: Glorious Pig of Doom


Then: Loud Moaning

Then: PatIestia

Then: ItHasBeenFun

Then: NormaI

Then: Senpai FideIis

Then: Iron Cultist Galley

Then: EatShitAndDie

Then: Rape

Then: Or Die Trying

Then: Iron Clayman Galley

Then: Huevo

Then: Iron Sombrero Galley

Then: IronKnightyCultistGalley

Then: Iron Happy Galley

Then: Iron Sonata Bro Galley

Then: IronLordofHereticGalleys

Then: Iron PrettyMarine Galley

Then: Slaaneshi Iron Galley

Then: Iron Loudest Galley

Then: Imperial Iron Galley

Then: Lord General Iron

Then: Crustacean Priest Iron

Then: Ministorum Priest Iron

Then: Iron Techpriest Galley

Then: Alpharious Omegon

Then: Iron Cultist Pat Galley

Then: Iron Melodramatic Galley

Then: Iron BadShading Galley

Then: Iron Metafic Galley

Then: Iron Ian

Then: Iron Bandito

Then: Iron Galley Metafic Lord

Now: Iron McGalley

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I'm still waiting on the sequel to that Grudge Match, eh

It's a shame to see you gone my broksy. Was great fun shitposting.

Comment posted by Semper Fidelis deleted March 30th

Remember that time when you led an all-out blog war between multiple groups, fun times

You got the Illusionist, the Feedom Fighter, and the Warrior. I wish you could try continuing them again sometime. They seemed pretty interesting.

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Glorious HaS Lore

1st Xikán Lancers:

Xikán is a civilized word with a predominant jungle, plains and desert terrain. Encountered by the Imperium relatively recently, the world has not been quite urbanized enough to fulfill any mayor role in the Imperium but that of supplying it with fighting men. So far, only five regiments have been raised from the common populace, all of them light infantry, but a sixth was raised before them. The 1st Xikán Lancers Regiment is an infantry regiment consisting of the sons and daughters of the nobility of Xikán. These men and women are the tribute of a grateful Xikán to the Imperium after a successful campaign to rid the world of a Chaos cult to Slaanesh that had taken hold of a great portion of the planet.

The 1st Xikán Lancers were raised during the fighting in Xikán and helped rid the planet from Chaos cultists, but their involvement in the war against Chaos in the sector was not limited to simply that. They were, after the fighting in Xikán had ended, transported to the next planet in the sector, Talax Kal, to aid in its liberation from the forces of Chaos. During these wars they received a flash training course from the 25th Kedorian Regiment, known as 'Kelly's Heroes', that aided them during the battles to come. Aside from that, these men and women were trained in the fires of war.

Being the sons of the nobility, these soldiers are expected back home alive when the war is done. To this purpose, the regiment's tactics have adapted to exercise extreme caution when fighting. Individual squads rarely venture out on their own and are almost always backed by either air, tank support, or an extremely slow, yet powerful, moving wall of defenses built as they take terrain from the enemy . The 1st Xikán Lancers have access to a large variety of weapons, vehicles, and even abhumans and sanctioned psykers. However, Xikáns mistrust the mutant and the psyker, so these are rarely, if ever, used.

Such techniques proved useful against the forces of Chaos, when badly equipped cultists broke themselves time and again against the lines of the 1st. However, it is not believed the same tactics will prove useful against other enemies, since the technology to break through these defenses is not available to Chaos, but it is very much available for other foes of the Imperium. It is expected that the 1st alters its tactics in the future.

In an army where the common soldier is a nobleman, the conscript takes the role of the servant. Indeed, conscripts have no place in the 1st, but each noble family with a son in the 1st spends large sums of money purchasing servants to send to the regiment as conscripts. The thought behind this lies in the common strategy within the 1st of arming the regulars with mortars and grenade launchers and placing them behind a line of 'conscripts' to cover them from enemy fire. These indentured servants form the shield that guards their son's lives, so it is not uncommon for these noble families to send the 1st hundreds of servants a year.

Relationships between the lancer and the servant within the regiment are strained because of things like these, but no incidents have occurred, most likely due to the superior arms and armor issued to the lancers in comparison to the servants, and the large amount of commissars placed to keep the servants in check. Truly, commissars are rarely placed to supervise the lancers, and their own sergeants take over the task of keeping the men fighting.

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