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Trooper · 5:00am Last Monday

I drew a trooper! I've been toying with the idea of Applepone going to space and being a space pirate. This is what I imagine a space pirate trooper would look like.

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Captain's Log, 1/13/2021.

Nothing much FimFic related has been going on, though my life IRL has become rather busy. Had chinese the other day, and today I wrote twelve hundred words of a short scene that popped into my head. Sucks that it's got no setup whatsoever, and the whole thing relies entirely on a simple joke at the end to make it work. So, unless I add to the beginning I don't want to publish it, but adding to the beginning will make it too long for the joke at the end to make it worth it. Decisions, decisions.

Not much else to say. Published a Speech chapter the other day, so that was neat! Just got the one left, and then I'll be working on Afterglow. After that? I dunno yet. Guess we'll see.

Me, signing out.

Captain's Log, 1/8/2021.

Chill day today, too! However, today was very productive! I drew a cool thing with those fancy 'vector' thingies SweetAI Belle told me about, and! I wrote 2000+ words for Speech! The second to last chapter is all done, 's what I'm sayin'. I'll be editing it tomorrow and posting it on Tuesday, unless my excitement gets the better of me and I post it early!

I'll be writing the final chapter sometime this weekend, I bet. Perhaps even tomorrow! It could very well be that I'll post Monday and Tuesday in quick succession. Guess we'll see!

I did eat better today! I had a really good (and cheap!) breakfast, under six bucks all considered. Two fried eggs, a hashbrown, a side of chilaquiles, a quesadilla, and a diet coke. It was heckin' rad. To heck with UberEats, m'boiis. I'll take a leisurely walk over to a good restaurant before I bow down to their overpriced nonsense!

Anyways, that's it! G'night!

Me, signing out.

Addendum: It was takeout, guys. Chill. I know there's a pandemic and stuff. :p

Captain's Log, 1/7/2021.

Chill day today. I ended up having nachos for lunch, and I regret it; they were big ol' nachos, with all sorts of disgusting and decadent things on them. Delicious, savory decadence. I am dying. Send help.

UHHH... not much else to report. Gonna eat better tomorrow and spend the day writing. Goddamn it, but I sure miss being able to go to a café to write. Writing at home is just... not the same. Too many distractions around. The coffee is cheaper though, and the bathroom's a lot cleaner. I could write in the park, but that shit's kinda scary tbh. Dudes have been getting mugged around here lately, and I wouldn't want to endanger any muggers who might make the mistake of attacking me. I'm tough as heck and can barely control myself, after all.

Me, signing out.

Captain's Log, 1/6/2021.

Fixed up the drawing and made it better! I'm happy with it as it is now and don't intend to mess with it anymore, but I've still got a ways to go before I can call myself an artist unironically. Anyways!

I've decided to do something about my laziness and set up a weekly posting schedule, as well as a monthly one-shot commitment. I hope I don't mess up and miss a deadline tho. I've got a few one-shots lined up, though they still need some work; I should be good to go for at least this month.

UHH... yeah, that's about it. Haven't read anything in a while either, so that sucks. I've got to catch up with lots of stories, but I just haven't been in a good mood lately. All this stupid online university nonsense really stresses me out. Hopefully once the humdrum of actual classes begins I'll get back into a reading mood.

Uhhh... I'm gonna eat some asada fries tomorrow, I think. Or nachos? Maybe pizza. Oh! Ramen sure sounds nice. Chinese? So many options! Capitalism be blessed!

Me, signing out.

Captain's Log, 1/5/2021.

Today was good! I did another drawing, which turned out... kinda a'ight. I'm not 100% ok with it, but I still have the file and can tinker with it some more later on. Not much else to report. Uni will start up soon, so that sucks. Online classes are the worst. I still have some stuff I need to sort out that is stressing me out, but after that, I should be able to catch a few good days of tranquility to write on.

There's a couple more chapters left in Speech, and I'm pretty sure this month's gonna see the last of it. After that I'm gonna work on Afterglow. Man, that story bummed me out. Almost no one read it! I was so sure it was gonna be a hit, but I guess that goes to show what I know. I'll have to revise my plans for it, I suppose. Big oof, tbh. That story was meant to be my big project for my return to FimFic! The story to push me to fame and glory!

Buuut... I'm not keen on the idea of working on a long-running war epic with 5k word chapters that no one's gonna read. 114 views at almost 10k words, man. That's almost half as long as Speech is already, at just a fraction of the views. Even my shitposts get more attention than that!

Big bummer. I'll revise my outline and refit it to accommodate a much shorter narrative. Not that the original plan was meant to run extremely long, but there were a lot of ideas I wanted to include that just won't cut it in the slimmer version I'll be running with. C'est la vie...

After I'm done with Afterglow... well, I've got a few ideas I was toying with. Anon does a Crusade, an undead human mage lands in the Crystal Empire, several RGRE shorts... I've also been playing with the idea of a Ravenfield Crossover! I don't have anything very concrete just yet, but it's a neat idea I've got brewing. Hmm... though I'd really like to do more original fiction, tbh. I don't have an audience for it, but it'd be nice to work on my own fiction for a change, instead of writing pones all the time. I miss my stuff. :(

Guess we'll see.

Me, signing out.

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