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So am I famous yet? No? Perfect! I will write my stories for you, and there will be much rejoicing...over cake! =D

Some Goals I Hope To Achieve

Generic Goals I Hope To Achieve:

Follower Based:
Get 10 Followers
Get 50 Followers
Get 100 Followers
Get 250 Followers

Follow 50 Others
Follow 100 Others
Follow 200 Others

My Own Stories Based:
Get 100 Total Story Views
Get 500 Total Story Views
Get 1,000 Total Story Views
Get 2,500 Total Story Views

Write First Fic/Story
Complete First Fic/Story
Write 3 Fics/Stories
Complete 3 Fics/Stories
Write 6 Fics/Stories
Complete 6 Fics/Stories
Write First Sequel Story/Fic

Get 10 Likes On A Story
Get 25 Likes On A Story
Get 50 Likes On A Story
Get 100 Likes On A Story

Have A Story Favorited 10 Times
Have A Story Favorited 30 Times
Have A Story Favorited 50 Times
Have A Story Favorited 100 Times

Get A Story "Featured" In A Group

Stories I've Kept Alive:
Save 1 Story(s) From Disappearing
Save 3 Story(s) From Disappearing

Saved Story Generates(or has generated) 500 Views
Saved Story Generates(or has generated) 1,000 Views
Saved Story Generates(or has generated) 50 Likes
Saved Story Generates(or has generated) 100 Likes
Saved Story Generates(or has generated) 10 Favorites
Saved Story Generates(or has generated) 30 Favorites
Saved Story Generates(or has generated) 70 Favorites

Rare Bonus Achievements!
For any of these I manage to achieve by some miracle I will do something special for the occasion, and I will mention it in my blog when it happens...IF it happens!

Get A Story In The Popular Stories Box ONCE
Get A Story In The Featured Stories Box ONCE
Get A SINGLE Story Accepted By Equestria Daily
Get 500 Followers
Get 5,000 Total Story Views(My personal works)
Get 9,000 Total Story Views(Combined works)
Complete 10 Fics/Stories
Get 350 Likes On A Story
Gain The Following/Friendship Of User: Ruirik

Latest Stories

More Stuff About Me?

The Truth

Hey everypony, I'm Dynasty-Kaine! An average, closeted, introverted, southern Californian brony. I'm 24 and going to college for my degree in Psychology. Hope that maybe one day I'll be a great Therapist, but till that day comes I'll just write about some psychologically interesting ponies!
I'm also a gamer. Personally prefer the playstation...but not too enthused with the PS4. Those controllers, yuck! But I am also known to game on the computer...not as much as the old days but still....moving on...

Some of the ships I enjoy:

Fave Ponies Then:
1.Rainbow Dash
3.Vinyl Scratch
4. Apple Jack
5. Princess Luna
Honor: Scootaloo

Am I worthy to be picked as an editor?

Well yes...and no. I'm a grammar nazi as I like to say so, spelling word use and flow are my specialties. Punctuation...not so much.
I mean I'm like bottom of the barrel editor, but I can help with certain degrees of repair. You may be better running it through someone else after me though!

Little deductive reasoning for ya:
"If the cake is a lie,
And lies exist,
Then the cake exists!"

So I now have 2 OC based fics! Yeah I know they aren't always the most popular but you should totally give them a chance! Any story has the chance to be good; original characters in it or not! ^_^ Although...I had to put one on hiatus for...well, reconstruction.
Also got that one Apple x Dash fic too...it is the most popular maybe it's worth a look too! Not to mention the Rainbow x Fire sequel to it!
Also recently was given permission to do a re-post of a erotic fic between Soarin and Spitfire, if that's your thing give it a look!

Off Topic Ending?
I hope your view on my page was at least more entertaining than a flesh wound!
Well...Have a nice day! ^_^

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2103093 Hey, pretty new to the fandom. I just want to let you know how much I am liking your "Our Pasts That Haunt Us Series," almost finished with the sequel. I just wanted to say keep up the good work and maybe we could be in-touch sometime online maybe playing some computer games or such, depending on what games you play of course... Anyways keep up the awesome writing that has really helped bring me into this amazing community!

- My Steam

...I forgot how to type a comment on here for a sec. :rainbowlaugh:

Anyways~, if I'm reading that right congrats on the 100 followers! :pinkiehappy:

And, hope you're alright Dynasty.

2103081 oh its okay this stuff does happen sometimes! =-p but im hanging tough on what little battery ive got left! XD

Oh really? Dang, my bad.

2103077 playlist? No...been offline for a few days cause of my move. Heck im on mobile right now as new place doesnt have net yet...

Seen the playlist btw?

2099577 that's excellent to hear, i recently found my own new place...so things are going the right direction!

Same here, thank you for asking!

2098833 Oh I really think I've been pretty good, yourself major? :twilightsmile:

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