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a warning.

Clown Prince Of Crime #587238 · 37m, 46s ago ·   ·   · You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension— a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into Regidar's Profile.


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孤独なコレットはレイブに行く — [l0n3ly c0lt g0es t0 a r@v3]

it's gonna take a little time.


Options [NEW STORY] · 10:45am Nov 29th, 2022

Trixie loves Starlight. Twilight loves Starlight. Sunburst loves Starlight. Starlight loves to have her options.

It's always good to have options.


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Was listening to the radio in the car yes old school FM radio and a cool song came on and I shazamed it and was surprised to find it was modest mouse and it made me think of you and I hope you're doing well and hope to hang out at another Brony convention together and hopefully write a dumb collab before either of us die thanks for being my friend and have a great day!

I used Shazam to discover We Are Between by Modest Mouse. https://www.shazam.com/track/568264439/we-are-between

Also how does it feel to know that if you search your name in the story bar rather than use a bar this is the first thing that comes up? Rainbow dash laugh emoji?

[Adult story embed hidden]

Do you remember me at all? You're name looks familiar and I feel like we've interacted before. Also wanted to say I too kinda miss the "hay-day" of this site.


I too miss the fandom at it's hay-day :ajsmug: . Bad jokes aside, anytime I've checked in I've still seen your reply on my comment box and it always reminded me of the good times. There is so much good fimfiction out there and honestly, whatever the next life is, I hope it's just me and all the time to read.

The fandom might get a resurgence with the new generation, if a friend of mine who works for a company contracted under Hasbro is to be believed; but as with everything Internet- Grain Of Salt; even then he's always hella vague cuz of the NDIC's. Still, I am cautiously optimistic that we'll get a second wave.

Cheers! :scootangel:

yeah, a lot sure has changed
i miss the height of the fandom back in like 2014/15 but it was never going to be like that forever
things are just different now

Well, I’ve been here longer than you, though hardly lately. The fandom sucks these days lol. It and this site just aren’t the same as they were a decade ago. I still sometimes miss the feature box being at the top of the page on every fimfiction page for everyone to see constantly lol. They changed that in like 2013 or something but I bet you remember that.

so are you
haha gottem
i have done nothing with my life

You’re still here? Lol

ye make me go "yay"

of course! do you have a discord? it might be easier to communicate over there
if not, no worries--i'll dm you my once-over

yo, u said u wanted to do a onceover editing thing? I would love to have an editor for this story, so if you're interested, I'm all for it. Syntax, grammar, and formatting are my big three weaknesses. That and having someone to bounce ideas off of is always a good thing. As for the conversation tags. If I tried to have a character do something before every time they spoke, it would clutter up the dialogue. I figured that if I only had two speakers at a time then one could reasonably assume that the speakers were taking turns. That and I try to avoid copy-paste personalities, so the dialogue should tip off whoever is speaking at any given moment. For instance, with Celestia, you got the generic kind and diplomatic feel, Luna is almost always cocky and all caps, typhon is long winded, informal, and has certain speech patterns that we associate with modern humans.

Yo, just here to acknowledge another Kanye fan.

Ight, peace.

  • Viewing 5,502 - 5,511 of 5,511
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