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a warning.

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it's gonna take a little time.


Breaking My Window At Four AM · 7:20pm September 7th

I must apologize for the chapter delays once again; job sucks, barely have any time to do anything but my job and sleep, ect ect

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no please i've been sober 68 days
don't torment me

Come back to /mlp/ Regi :^)

and i eagerly await it

I live in the Chicago area lol. It’s a bit colder in this region than Hawaii in the winter as you’ll soon see if you’ll be in Wisconsin in the winter months. Snow is kinda a thing. Lol.

Ah that’s good. Hawaii got pretty fucked up it. Are you in the contiguous US now I assume?

yeah, although I haven't been in Hawaii for a few months, lol
family and friends are all fine tho

You good from Hurricane Lane?

What are you people doing ?

  • Viewing 5,501 - 5,510 of 5,510
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