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a warning.

Clown Prince Of Crime #587238 · 37m, 46s ago ·   ·   · You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension— a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into Regidar's Profile.


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孤独なコレットはレイブに行く — [l0n3ly c0lt g0es t0 a r@v3]

it's gonna take a little time.


thirteen years · 8:40am Oct 10th, 2023

how did we get so old?

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Gonna hug youuuuuuu

Perfectly Insane

Love you Reg

Author Interviewer

wtf, since when am I not following you? D:

you should be!! (it was long overdue)

Woah, a follow from Regidar himself? I'm honoured

My dealer disappeared and I finally got an actual ADHD prescription again from a good psychiatrist who doesn't think I'm just an addict jonesing, Probably because this time I lied by omission and didn't mention any of my non prescribed substance usage or history whereas my last psychiatrist I was actually open about all the drugs I do or have done and he wouldn't prescribe me any stimulants cuz he said I was addicted like okay girl sorry for being honest

Yeah usually when I was up a three days doing meth I’d be convinced my family was plotting to get me kicked out of the house for infractions I made in childhood and trying to gaslight myself into recognizing what were auditory hallucinations and what were real, wish I’d had whatever you did
I also like, stopped doing meth and that fixed that so idk

I actually on the tail end of a 3-day no sleep meth bender came to the conclusion that quantum randomness is what gives us free will. And that on the primordial Earth a billion years ago, the first time a molecule sacrificed some of itself to make a new molecule copy of itself and biological life began, that was the first act of love.

Also I'm so fucking glad to know you're still alive I really hope to see you at Babs gone this year I think you and my girlfriend would get along well as well she's a fellow Pegasister!

man you gonna make me cry, thank you. Ive heard of Slaughterhouse Five but I def will be reading it now

  • Viewing 5,516 - 5,525 of 5,525
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