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a warning.

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Patreon Overhaul and Revamp · 11:04pm Dec 1st, 2017

For those of you who don't know, I have a patreon. It's been up about three years, but I really didn't have any idea how to properly manage reward tiers and all that until just recently. So now, I've done a nice overhaul of the reward tiers and made it a bit more accessible. Hopefully these reward tiers are a bit more manageable:


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Comment posted by Tynal deleted Nov 23rd, 2017

That'd be nice. In the very least I'd like to know how she got to that state as well as the country and if the other Mane Six are alive or like Rarity.

it would appear that way, but I’m not entirely sure. At the time the direction I wanted to take it wasn’t too great, and I ended up just dropping it instead of focusing on it. However, when I go over my stories and sift through what I plan to continue and what I plan to cancel, I think I’ll probably end up saving and continuing Beautiful corpse. Just not sure when.

So Beautiful Corpse is a dead story then? No pun intended.


Just remember that this is a thing.

Love ya. Here's to you. Take care. :heart:

Hey, thanks for the concern. I do remember you actually, I remember most of the people from most of the time on the site, heh. If you wanna talk with me more I’d be happy to you can hit me up on discord if you got that on in DMs if that’s better

Hey, are you alright? I read some of your blog posts and I'm worried for you. Let me know if you need anything.
(And no, you probably don't know me. I'm just a really old follower who popped back onto the site briefly.)



it's hard to keep expending resources.

  • Viewing 5,441 - 5,450 of 5,450
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