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There is a very good reason that Princess Celestia sends Twilight and her friends to do her dirty work.

There is a very good reason that immortal, impossibly strong alicorns have a fleet of guards.

The newest Princess of Equestria needs to learn what strength really means to an alicorn.

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I think... I think that is one of the best explanations to why Celestia and Luna can't help, and why there is a Guard. Short but you did good with this.

3465259 Thank you! I've always felt that was the reason, I just finally wrote it down.

Raistlin #3 · Nov 9th, 2013 · · 2 ·

If Alicorns are truly so goddam powerful:
a) Is really a good idea allowing them to perform such a stressful job as, you know, government?
b) What is the point of having so much power if they cannot use it safely? Villains like Chrysalis can take advantage of their unwillingness in bringing collateral damage on their kingdom. Twilight is ironically more useless now than before her ascension.

"Power you cannot control is no power at all"


1. It's not a good idea, but generally power rules.

2. Twilight is a bit different: The reason Celestia and Luna cannot fight is because they're not connected with the Elements anymore, which is a controlled force apparently, so they'd have to rely on their brute strength. Twilight is paradoxically just as powerful, because she's the Element Of Magic, while having to press down her emotional reactions.

Also there's no real POINT to being that strong. Sometimes you just ARE. But the most responsible use of power, the most obvious way to show how strong you are, is to know when to stay in control and back down.

This makes all sorts of sense.

I've always wanted to write a story about those thousand years Celestia ruled alone, pre Twilight and Luna.

I feel like a lot of stuff went down. A lot.

And I think Discord knows allllll about it.

3465316 i just don't know, I have a 'reason Discord hates Celestia' headcanon, related to the whole moon thing. May have to write that out next time :3

Wow. This is, quite the philosophical thought piece. I, don't know whether Tia is right or wrong here. Part of me says she's taking this a bit too far, and that she shouldn't view herself as a threat to her own subjects. But, I also see her point. She does have a lot of power, and if her patience was ever worn thin (even she has her limits, and those limits have been pushed by the likes of Discord and Chrysalis), the repercussions could be catastrophic. So, is she being cautious, or paranoid? Does she know herself well enough to employ these safeguards, or is she blowing her weaknesses out of proportion? It's quite a conundrum. :ajsleepy:

Maybe this ambiguity isn't what you were going for, but I like it. It's a beautiful character analysis that captures Celestia quite well, no matter what the answer is. And at the core of it all, a simple message rings true: With great power comes great responsibility. It's a lesson that Celestia knows all too well, even if she might be overdoing it. Overall, masterfully done. :moustache:

3465349 Thank you!

It's my headcanon that yes, Celestia has done some truly awful shit, especially during the War of the Sun and the Moon. So she'd be speaking via experience.

3465345 PM me sometime, let's compare canon(s). Cola Bubble Gum and I came up with those whole thing called The crimes of Celestia. Lots of palace intrigue. Think Elizabeth meets Nixon.

That was an interesting take on the way the Princesses rule Equestria.

I tip my hat to you.

Damn this is impressive. Honestly, this is pretty close to my head-canon, and it makes a whole hell of a lot of sense. Good work!

I wish there was a single story that treated alicorns as having normal pony powers, just a little more powerful. This Godlicorn thing got old for me long ago, which explains why I don't like this premise.

No vote.

it's a weird way of looking at things. Certainly open to debate. But I hope it doesn't keep Twilight from being any less badass.

I like this so much you get PInkie Pie singing "Numa Numa". Good job my friend.:moustache:


There are plenty of fics that show Celestia as a slightly more powerful pony than most.

It's just that the reason most of them make her such is to make their OC/Crossover Character seem uber in comparison.

Me? I'm looking for a GOOD fic that does what you say.

I find it a questionable part of the premise that the Princesses doesn't have any middle gears in power, but an intriguing take on why they prefer proxies like they do.

You got my up-vote for it.


looking for a GOOD fic

That goes without saying, of course.

Alicorn mad with grief... Celestia after banishing Luna?

y u no a while ;_;

2D #21 · Nov 9th, 2013 · · ·

Brilliant, as always. Not ashamed to have shed a manly tear. :twilightsmile:

Not bad. Personally, I think Celestia may be over-restricting herself slightly. Sure, with Luna gone, she was justified in those restrictions, as she had noone left willing to tell her when she was going too far. But that isn't true anymore, so she can start working on making the Crowns' authority more obvious and direct, such that the less respectful persons brought before the Courts actually treat the Royalty with the respect it deserves.
Also, perhaps do the occasional large-scale demolitions job? Gotta blow off steam somehow.
But, yes, otherwise I am sort've surprised this was a question that even needed answering.

My roommate and I treat them more as Demi-Gods. They are alive until slain. We saw that at the wedding. Celestia and most likely Luna as well can be killed but it is just incredibly hard to do so.

The other reason they are demi-gods is that we [my roommate and I] agree that their powers are stronger than normal ponies simply because of the magic pool. They have 3 [according to us this can change or is debatable] the pool in their legs that we believe houses the passive earth pony magic. Their wings which has their passive pegasi magic and their horn obviously the unicorn magic. Since they have three pools of magic we assume they must be stronger for it. Shown by Celestia and Luna moving the celestial bodies. We know unicorns used to do it but it took many. Celestia and Luna can do it themselves. Celestia doing both for 1000 years. You can't deny the power there.

We also believe these pools of magic are why they are taller and why I think Twilight will eventually get taller assuming she is an Alicorn and not just a pegacorn [Pegasus and Unicorn] In the show they all look the same cause the animators use dolls. We can assume that if this wasn't the case then Earth ponies would be bulkier. Pegasi are thought to be agile. If you are a combination of these two then you can't be bulky and agile. It just doesn't add up [despite some anime and shows say] Celestia and Luna are taller because their strength grew into their height so they can be nimble as well. Taller people are usually stronger. [factoring out working out; Snowflake doesn't count. The Yeah pony.] Longer legs helps them be nimble.

Sorry you probably got more than I intended. I hope most of it makes sense. I agree with the fact that seeing them as Goddess's has gotten a little old which again is why my roommate and I think of them as Demi-gods, but that doesn't mean they don't have any godlike powers. The sun is pretty darn big and the moon though smaller than earth is no joke either.

Sorry not trying to contradict you or be rude or anything. To be honest I don't know why I did this horribly long explanation lol.

3465497 d'okay

3465859 no they DO, it's just a matter of what happens when they're super upset and not thinking clearly. like how some people get angry and like, kick a chair. celestia's version of 'kicking a chair' is accidental genocide in my headcanon

im not going to explain this well, b/c alcohol, so im sorry

3465867 maaaaaaaaaaaaybe there's a side story here :3

3465879 reasons

3465887 thank youuu <3

3465934 she's just being damn careful due to Stuff What She Did in the past

D48 #25 · Nov 9th, 2013 · · 5 ·

The story is interesting, but the fundamentally flawed premise keeps it from having any real power. The goodhood thing seems to be one of those things that the fandom has decided on without worrying about the fact that the show consistently contradicts it. Frankly, the most impressive thing we have seen from either of them is Luna's weather manipulation on Nightmare night, and that is really only noteworthy in how easily she does it which is what you would expect from a pony like Twilight after having a few centuries to practice.

3465497 I recommend watching the show, although it is sort of implicit in any story where the princesses don't do anything important.

Interesting take on Alicornhood. Don't quite agree with the idea of them having Too Much Power to Handle, but have an upvote. :twilightsmile:

3465935 It's your headcanon and you're entitled to it. You're defending your views and I respect that fully.

The way I see it, Celestia and Luna control the sun and the moon not because it's extremely hard – in my eyes, Twilight herself could and was stronger than at least one of them even before Twilicorn, which I see as giving her no powers besides Pegasus ones –, but because it's their special talent (see cutie marks) from studying on astrothaumaturgy a long time ago. Their immortality would be simply biological, as in a spell changed their biology so that their DNA doesn't "stretch" (that's what really causes aging). This is why they don't really participate in fighting in the show: they'd be just slightly-above-regular ponies with leadership skills, not combat abilities. If Celly had them, she'd have taken down Chrysalis much more sneakily than a direct confrontation.

And while Celly definitely has amazing mental fortitude for a pony, that doesn't stop her from being shocked or weirded out, as we see in Swarm of the Century where she has that 'WTF' lookwhen Pinkie marches by. So she doesn't have the 'infallible poker face' either.

Extra tidbit: if not both, Celestia at the very least is sterile from having run out of egg cells (Luna may still have some from before her imprisonment, which I see as a sort of stasis instead of the usual prancing-on-the-moon nonsense). That's why Blueblood isn't her direct descendant by any stretch.

3465983 idk i find 'moving the fucking sun and moon' pretty goddamned impressive, but that's just me :3 we all have diff headcanons and that's okay!

3466011 everyone's missing the point: it's NOT too much to handle. It's being strong enough TO handle it.

3465983 Watching the show for what? I already did that, three times over. I want fanfics with what I said.

3465951 Hey, I didn't say your fic is bad. It just doesn't please me because personal headcanon.

3466045 I didnt say you said it was bad. I said 'd'okay' which is just my way of saying 'okay' which means no hard feelings and i hope you find something you enjoy better ^_^


3466051 this isn't a political fic, bro. but thx for sharing

>Notices Everyone Rated fic in the mature feature box
>Notices who wrote it
>Is confuzzled yet not surprised.


That story... That message sprayed all over it... The implications Celestia made... Sheesh. Being God is such a scary thing...

3466125 'tis indeed

i think what everyone's missing is that gods arent necessarily perfect

we just think they are

(see: that story about winona and applejack, sun princess i think it was called)


Mm. I'm still in a bit of a shock feeling right now, from the story (it's a good thing, m'dear,) but I can't help but giggle at everyone complaining about the one thing that doesn't matter in the fic.

3466134 well, i mean

it's fimfic

we're good at bitching about shit what doesn't matter

D48 #38 · Nov 10th, 2013 · · 14 ·

3466035 That would be impressive if we had any confirmation they actually did it which we do not. It was mentioned once in the pilot in a book of fairy tales which is far from a reputable source as it could easily be something made up and told to foals. Of course, even if it is believed in-universe that does not necessarily mean it is true. There have been plenty of popular misconceptions throughout human history and there is no evidence of that changing any time soon so I do not think it is reasonable to assume that the ponies are any different. Besides, the explanation is very easy with the unicorns in the hearths warming play who could very easily have fabricated the story to make the other tribes believe they were important like many historical religious groups, and they may even have started believing it themselves after a while. The Princesses would then be obligated to take on this "responsibility" in order to break the unicorn power base, and could very well either believe it themselves or have been forced into maintaining the deception.

That said, we do have direct confirmation of Celestia's power limits because we saw her get her ass handed to her by Chrysalis who was then beaten by a regular pony so it is very clear that Celestia does not have god-level power.

3466036 Sigh, it was supposed to be a joke. :facehoof: My point was that the only place you will see it is the show because the fandom has decided that alicorns are gods despite all the contradictory evidence.


True. Bu-


3466140 that sounds a lot like


headcanon, maybe

see that book of 'fairy tales' was utterly correct, bang on, about everything else, ne? so i choose to believe it's true about their powers. that's the glory of headcanon :3

3466143 espurr is love

espurr is life

Thought-provoking. :rainbowderp:

This is a really good head-cannon. Certainly explains why Celestia does what She does.

3466150>>3466151 thanks, guys :)




Dancer. Dancer. Headcanon inside a canon story universe. It's a thing! Amazing, right? Who knew that a universe based on fiction could have fiction inside it!

Midnight, this only partially conflicted with my headcanon, but i still enjoyed the story very much. My own headcanon does agree that alicorns are much more powerful, hilariously so, even. After that i believe it's more of like in Rites of Ascension (or other fics that i can't seem to remember the names of at this moment), in that their domain or whatever they're tied to influences their power.

Where you described the Royal Sisters as a pair of paper tigers, i see only one. The addition of changes based on domain means that with her influence over the night, Luna is much more subtle and trickster-esque than Celestia could hope to be. Celestia, when committed, leaves glassed deserts and craters in her wake. Luna, conversely, is able to fight properly in an urban environment. Time will only tell what Twilight's problems will be. Basically... Celestia, alone or not, would take on an opposing army and reduce it, along with any allies, to ash. Luna could fight in a stealth/guerrilla operation and not harm anything but her target, using her own power.

Celestia, for all intents and purposes, has trapped herself in a cage of her own making, becoming the paper tiger to force herself not to get involved in her ponies daily battles and solve her problems diplomatically. Luna doesn't have that luxury, and her attitude shows it with she's not willing to get down and dirty, while Celestia prefers to let others do her work for her. But this is all headcanon, so... yeah.

That is why i only see one paper tiger.

P.S. I've not written a comment this long in a few months. Thanks for making me think, Midnight.

3466140 ...
I have only one answer to such a moment of dumb. Pinkie, Rarity? Could you ladies please help me?

3466191 Glad I made you think.

3466192 while I may not entirely disagree with your assessment, let's keep things civil shall we

I'm too drunk to be polite, don't egg me on :p

3466195 :rainbowderp: Uh, that was a reaction to my moment of dumb, since I missed the punchline by a maritime mile.

3466200 OH. Okay then

carry on


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