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"Art forms that appeal to modern leftish intellectuals tend to focus on sordidness, defeat and despair, or else they take an orgiastic tone, throwing off rational control ..."


That wacky Spirit of Chaos is at it again...
Except, there's no ponies in the audience.
There's nothing, really. Just an empty, post-apocalyptic expanse.
Nothing, and some ants.
Inspired by WrathOfGod519 and "Alone" - Downface.

Also now the excuse/subject for an RCL Interview.

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LOL I feel honoured because my name is there. Thanks dude.

It was your idea in the first place, and it was the image of him reclining on a wagon and watching the sunset that I remembered the morning I started to write this.
My strength may be taking weird ideas and playing them to the hilt, but it's y'all who plant the seeds in the first place.

There two things I love.
Discord, and Apocolyptic world stories.
You combined them both perfectly.
Take my star.

This is actually very, very well done. Definitely not what I was expecting when I opened this one up. Good work!

Honestly this needs some epic, official cover-art.

Bring on the insanity!

Yeah, I think the title was kind of shooting myself in the foot, but my attempts to create esoteric titles (Muselpferde, Six Months in July) don't work out either. I have no idea what gets people's attention, so I've kind of given up on it.
Also the tags. I am genuinely miffed that I couldn't make this one Sad & Comedy. Fricking Hitlers! Gimme a Drama tag and I will run that nag ragged.

I think I'll submit it to the Art group, though I'm happy I at least managed to find this. You have no idea how long it took me to find an image of Discord (1) serious, (2) not evil, and (3) without ponies.

I tried to keep some wackiness in there. I'm a great believer that vomit, farting and feces always have their place, even in serious stories. It is the stuff bodies are made of, pushing it to the side because it isn't pretty is just stupid.

That's one way to interpret the ending. I was going for something ambiguous, whether Discord falls to pieces with the world, or if he can rebuild it from the ant colony. Although his name for the queen doesn't bode well.

Fantastic work. The characterization of Discord is really well done, and I love his interaction with his constructed Alicorn: his feeling of betrayal by his wardens—who have robbed him of his vengeance. That he can be at the same time comical and tormented creates an excellent depth in his character. This in itself is a prime example of why "Sad" and "Comedy" aren't incompatible tags. A superb fic, truly.

Oh, and a usage tip, if you want it: laying is transitive, meaning "causing to lie." Lying is what you want in intransitive instances. Nice work using "lay" for the past tense of "lie," though. I swear, nobody knows to do that.

Keep up the good work!

Suddenly, twilight of the gods. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_Sparkle.png
I'm sure that Discord will be able to find some excentric cockroaches in the ruins of Canterlot Castle.

Gotta say, this was a pretty neat read.

This... Was really, really disturbingly epic. I'm not sure what my feelings are. :derpyderp1:

Now I'm wondering just what the hell happened? What brought about the extinction of ponykind?

Nothing specific.
When I was in the Navy, I had to read a lot of case studies about shipwrecks. There never is one specific, crazy event that causes a grounding or a collision. There are plans to handle the big stuff. Wrecks are caused by a gradual build-up little indiscretions, bad decisions and screw ups (the kind that get made everyday by everyone), which end with a horrible crunching sound.
It's the same way that economies collapse, people end up homeless, and eventually it will be the extinction of the human race. Entropy always wins.

As a Marine, I thank you for serving.
So... does this mean that season 4 will be named My Little Insect? Lol


In this story, looks like Discord lost by winning. Though, I am certain he will become a great creator. He doesn't seem like the one to quit.

Author Interviewer

Wow. Really awesome stuff here. Good grasp of eternal loneliness without resorting to any of the standard sadfic cliches.

That was fucking amazing

*reads last line*
*is confused*
*goes on google*
And then I gasped.

I know you're not here anymore. but I have to say this.
That was incredible.

2571245 Does this comment count as a review? Why am I responding to a two-year-old comment? Why did Fiddlebottoms leave? :rainbowderp:

Author Interviewer

I forget if he ever posted a journal about it.

And no, it doesn't. One day, maybe, I'll go back and review everything I read years ago.

6185047 Lo and behold, you did.

1500326 There is a Drama tag now...:trixieshiftright:

Apologies for not risking reading this sooner. it's an exceptional piece as always.

What in the name of Vanu happened to Equestria?!

Order of the Nth degree.
Eternal stagnation.

Without chaos there is no movement, no hope, no growth.

This is absolution, Paradise, Ilos.

Um... I don't get it. What's so amazing and exceptional about this? It seems really random, I guess, that's all I can say. I get the hope thing at the end, like the ant is hope among all the apocalyptic destruction or whatever, but the rest of it doesn't make much sense. Can someone explain this story to me?

It's a psychological thriller intended to spark thought in the reader. Similar to an early Alfred Hitchcock.

Through perhaps millions of years of evolution these ants will gain sentience and led by discord will dominate the planet...

I feel Princess Antlestia and Princess Lunant will be a thing eventually...

As well as Antlight Sparkel, AntpleJack, Antity, FlutterAnt, Rainbow Ant and Anti Pie.

Before: this story is five years old. It better be a masterpiece...

After: turns out I was wrong. I was floored with this story, and that is rare for me. I will remember this story, always. Bravo!

So, another random Deadquestria apocalypse with no explanation or even hint of how it happened or why... and it can't even use the excuse of being the dead world from the show since the story is several years older than than episode.

Meaning, this story makes the same mistake as that episode by presenting a setting that demands an explanation, given the ponies' propensity for peacefulness and the general lack in their world of creatures out to kill everything, and the absence of tech to do so regardless of intent or motivation.

It's a cheap form of bleakness.

Well...that was sad. I’m sad now. Thanks for that, you monster.

But seriously this was a good story.

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