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This story is a sequel to No More Beauty

In the dark of night, Fluttershy always found it very difficult not to slip into memories of what had happened to her.

She knew that dwelling on it did her no favors.

Really what she was truly damaged by is what she’d become since then.

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Short and punchy. Your choice to make this an abstract piece really increased how evocative it was. Honestly, the fact that Fluttershy is barely even able to acknowledge what happened in the previous story implicitly does compliment this nicely. Whereas Thunderlane was so overwhelmed with causing harm, Fluttershy is overwhelmed from and it feels like it manifests as a white void carved out in her head. And she is trembling at the border of it.

It seems like you might be doing well. I hope that you are.

I don't know if this is helpful for you to hear, but you're none of the characters that you write. You're just you.

Thank you for writing this b

Wow. Such a short, but deeply emotional piece. As an exercise in minimalism, this is a resounding success. What happened to Fluttershy is tragic, but all too real. Conveying emotional realism has always been one of your strong suits, after all. Great work.

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