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Applejack tells you her only secret.
It is about a hole.
The breathing, living hole in her face.

(Inspired by the cover image and a recurring dream)

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Akiba #1 · May 10th, 2014 · · 1 ·

on the bright side, liked and faved.

I can't help but laugh at this a little for this reason,

It. I touched it. The hole. The hole in my face. The inside of the hole in my face. My hoof brushed against the soft, damp meat inside the hole in my face. I felt the inside, inside me. Inside the hole in my face. I felt the hole in my face squish. I felt myself squish. I felt the damp, like a fungus growing over a wall, but warm. Like the walls of cellar, but alive.

For some reason I can guess she never masturbated before.

aCB #3 · May 10th, 2014 · · 3 ·

At first, I thought the hole in her face was supposed to be an allegory that something vital that was missing from her. I read through the story to try to figure out what it was. Her soul? Her compassion? Her heart?

But the more I read, the more I realized that there was nothing the hole in her face would symbolize consistently. It was just a hole in her face. In my opinion, that's not very interesting or scary on it's own. It's just a hole in her face, pretty much like this lady.

The intention of the lines about no one else being able to see the hole and the reader not being there either, were so you'd know the hole wasn't real. Just a delusion.
Applejack is crazy and her self-loathing keeps her from telling anyone or seeking help, and the secret madness is eating her alive.

I added a couple lines that might express this more fully, about the how the hole had always already been there. More Lacanian this way.


It was supposed to make you think of masturbation. Repulsion at her own body. Glad it worked.

Without a consistent meaning, a solid, hooked metaphor to keep it anchored this is nothing. You may as well have written "slibbity doo" over and over again and had as much sense to it.

aCB #7 · May 10th, 2014 · · 2 ·

There are lines such as:

The hole that had always already been there. Hidden from me, but my parents knew. My parents knew about the hole in my face, and it destroyed them.

that seem to indicate that others knew about it, and it wasn't all in Applejack's head. If she's merely delusional and thinking that everybody is staring at the hold in her face, then it should have been illustrated better. Maybe have Applejack have a minor flashback where she thinks her parents are looking at her in disgust but they're just doing things that regular parents do.

Also, what does the hole in her face mean? Yes, it may or may not be real, but what does it mean to the reader's life? How does it affect them emotionally?

Snow #9 · May 10th, 2014 · · 12 ·

Oookay. I admit that was well written for... the... utterly disturbng imagery...

But I think I'm goinng to give this a downvote purely because NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE! *retreats at speed*

aCB #10 · May 10th, 2014 · · 1 ·

Well then I'm going to upvote it just so your input doesn't matter. :rainbowwild:

Snow #11 · May 10th, 2014 · · 1 ·


I see my work here is done.

Disturbing yet surprisingly well written


If you don't mind sharing, what the hell was this recurring dream?

Who needs sleep anyways? Cause I don't...

Needs featured

I think we are going to be communicating a lot in the near future.

Oh my goodness... I thought it would never be... An actual symbolic image in a fanfic! Quickly, we must inform the others! This cannot go unnoticed! Gather our finest minds and have them begin discussing what the hole in her face means!

In all honesty, your use of imagery and tone really got me thinking, and is going to have me keep on thinking for the next few days. That was a very well done story!

Welp. So much for sleeping.

Maybe there's time travel involved (kudos to anyone who gets the reference)

haven't read the story yet...but saw the picture...NOPE :twilightoops:

4365957 Not necessarily. Applejack may be an unreliable narrator, and blaming herself (or the nonexistent 'hole') for her parents' deaths.

Perhaps it's just an allegory for not being able to face herself in the mirror because of her self-blame?

Instead of quoting the story, I'm going to quote the comments section!

What the fuck.

Contents of the story aside, I really can't bring myself to be freaked out by that cover image, because all it does is remind me of Black Hole from Kinnikuman. And he was awesome.



What the literal fuck doe.

Perfectly written, but still...

Well, that was disturbing.

This was quite powerful. I think the hole is a wonderful metaphor for all kinds of self-doubt a filly like Applejack would feel growing up. Her parents succumbed to illness - could it have been her fault that her brother and sister were orphaned? The gluttony, her tendency to shove whole pastries down her face in one go, could inspire further guilt in the head of a farming family that has had to endure hard times before. The tunnel, the moist, warm, mucus-trailing tunnel could be a representation of the same dirty, secret tunnel most girls are afraid to talk about at a young age... Just how old do you suppose she was when she 'realized the hole was there'? How long had her parents 'known', and how did she know they 'knew'?

In short, this is why you discipline your kids instead of traumatizing them with horror stories about bad little fillies. :ajbemused:

Also, I will never read 'Carl Hamblin' by Edgar Lee Masters the same way again. :rainbowlaugh:

Nicely done. Now I ship facehole-Applejack with Chrysalis. They can rub their holes together. Clop-clop.

That was a little disturbing, good job.

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4366948 Oh my god, yes. Black Hole was the shit.

4368636 Kill it with fire.

Junji Ito is one of my favorite writer/artists. Horrible metaphors--like a man sacrificing himself to support his family--become literal, everything moves with a dreamlike detachment, fatalistic universes where rational thought and anything human gives way under a pouring rush of infinite possibility, and the way he molds flesh in his stories--twisting, stretching, bloating, deforming, drooling, and so on--is all so invigorating.
Uzumaki is easily my favorite. Although Gyo--where this man is from--had some stand out scenes like the Dead Circus. His shorts tend to be based on traditional tales, but they're still outstanding.

I feel like pointing out you used the phrase "hole in my face" about 61 times though this entire story. Good job!

This was a pretty fucking DEEP story. People who don't understand metaphors will probably be like "What the fuck did I just read."

Liked and Faved


That is the appeal. I should know... :ajsmug:


Slibbidy-do gravanga thorsi flabsuk acarkkz.

Meaning matters.


To me, it was about someone becoming detached from/disgusted by one of their own body parts. Delightfully bleak. Perhaps my only misgiving is that there is little reason for it to be a ponyfic (could have used more details in that regard...)

This is an awesome story. :heart:

There aren't that many dark fics that have AJ as the main character, so that's a plus too.

Between the possibility of AJ having an invisible gaping moist hole in place of her face that nopony else can see and that killed her parents and is hollowing her out; and the possibility of her having bats in her orchard, I'm betting on the latter.

...Why would the delusional person claiming that dead people they blame themselves for the deaths of knew their dark secret indicate it's not really a delusion? Sounded more like misplaced guilt than confirmation of reality to me.

Why would there be nothing a hole in your face would symbolize consistently? My biggest issue is there were too many things it could easily symbolize. Though, I'm leaning towards her self hatred growing so immense she sees herself as a monster, devoid of normal facial features, her face just a gaping, squishy mouth.

Found a small typo:

When I eat, shoving whole pastries into the hole in my faith,

Other than that, awesome story. I'm now thoroughly creeped out.


I thought the parapraxis where she says "the hole in my faith" was a pretty explicit revelation of the intended symbolism.

Obsession of ones self absorbed flaws :ajsleepy: or with the other writers on fimfiction , Just another hole to have sex with.:facehoof:

Weird but good, I didn't see it either.:raritystarry::moustache: I think?

.................What? I don't... I just.... I can't........
Disturbing but well written, either way.

This is how I feel after reading this...
No, seriously, great job on writing this. You managed to make this story look really creepy.

Tick Tock... Goes the Clock...

Time and Time, a blip in space
Time and Time, something in my face.
Turning, Turning, the world turns 'round
Burning, Burning, let's all gather now.

And all the Years they Fly...

Lilting, Lilting, your time grows nigh
Wilting, Wilting, you don't yet know why.
Looking, Looking, yet nothing you see.
Searching, Searching, deep within me.

Tick Tock... Goes the Clock...

I see Time. I see Space.
It has put me in my place.
Run, my friend, RUN!

YOU AND I MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I liked it EXCEPT for the intentional and probably very deep-meaning repetition. I'm sure it has some deep meaning (as I said - the repetition of someone trying to convince themselves of something I guess I dunno) but it just comes across as too much repetition. Like you, the author, are trying to convince us that Applejack is trying to convince herself. I think you get what I'm saying. Interesting story though, I like it for the uniqueness alone but it was also well written. Thank you for sharing your creepy dream!

Also, Applejack's face-hole is now my fetish.

I love surrealism

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