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    Hey guys! I hope you're all having a good new year. A couple things happened at the end of last year that really shook things up for me, and I need some help. More info below the line break.

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Ko-Fi and Commissions · 11:55pm Jan 17th, 2022

Hey guys! I hope you're all having a good new year. A couple things happened at the end of last year that really shook things up for me, and I need some help. More info below the line break.

I'll be super quick with my explanation: I've recently had to move in with my mother and sister, and as such am helping to support them in the household. My mother's situation with employment is spotty due to health issues, and I recently lost my prior employment (my sister is still in high school). Neither of us have much in the way of savings. One unexpected car issue or broken appliance or health bill could put our living situation at risk. That's why I've set up a ko-fi to help make the rent—at least for this month. I don't anticipate I'll be out of a job forever, but I've been on the hunt since I lost my previous job at the very end of last year and I've yet to find a new one. Even a single dollar helps. :heart:


Ko-Fi isn't the only way you can help out! I do commissions as well—I typically have three commission slots open, however due to the circumstances, I'm opening that to up to seven. Two of the slots are currently filled, but those projects will be nearing completion in the coming weeks and I will have them open again. In the event that all seven slots are filled, never fear! If you're okay with it, I have a waitlist I can put you on. At the time of requesting the commission, I will inform you of your place in the queue, and no money will be exchanged until I have begun to work on your piece.

My rates are 20 dollars per 1000 words, or 0.02 USD per word. This is a base rate, and will go up for stories that are not posted publicly (as ones I can post/the commissioner posts advertise my availability to take commissions to a broader audience), and may go up for stories that are excessively long (10k+ words, Equestria Girls, etc). I work on a half-upfront policy: name what you're willing to pay, send half of that at the beginning of my commission and the rest will be payable upon completion. This is a cautionary measure to ensure that I don't end up filling a slot for someone that cannot pay, and insurance for you that I will complete the project in a timely manner to receive the rest of the payment.

You also only have to pay based on initial request—if, say, you've paid me 60 dollars for a 3k-word story and your story ends up running to around 5k, I will not charge for the extra 2k. I don't think it would be fair to charge you for miscalculating how many words a fic will run up to just based on the outline. This offer only extends to the initial idea/outline—if you'd like more added to it beyond what was initially agreed upon, we will determine roughly how many more words that will run and then adjust the price from there. This includes extra scenes, continuations, or additional chapters of multi-chapter works; if you'd just like small changes to previously existing scenes, or the changes don't greatly affect the overall wordcount, those additions can be worked in free of charge.

I currently only accept payment through PayPal, via numbtonothing667@gmail.com. DM me here through Fimfic or on discord at Numb To Nothing#6281 for content and payment details.

I am very flexible as to what content I am willing to write; if you're familiar with my stories, it's easy to see I enjoy playing the field. That said, there is a short blacklist of content that I do not feel comfortable writing:

Real-world politics - unless you'd like me to write a scholarly article about a political situation, I will refrain from writing stories that advance a political agenda—implicitly or otherwise. This means no Aryanne, no homophobia/transphobia, no manifestos (communist or otherwise) disguised as horsewords. Stories including or inspired by real-world historical events will be left up to a case-by-case discretion—a story based on the assassination of a world leader may fly because I've decided that the subject matter is being approached with enough tact whereas a ponified 9/11 trollfic I will probably pass on.
Stories that are purposefully inflammatory - Speaking of terrorist attack trollfics, I reserve the right to determine what is or is not inflammatory. Stories that are made to taunt or offend will be passed on over (that's not really what you wanna spend your money on anyway, is it?) The site already has a "no meta" rule that solves most the issues regarding this, but this also includes stories specifically meant to rile up certain groups or predilections. Revenge porn falls under this category—as does using someone's OC(s) without their permission.
Past Sins sequels/Nyx-centric stories - Sorry, Pen Stroke. I love ya, but it's not my bag.
Foalcon: for obvious reasons.
I also reserve the right to, for any reason, decline to work with someone. In this event, if any money has been put forward for the fic, I will refund it in full.

I don't just limit myself to pony content, either! If you'd like an original story or a story set in a different IP, as long as I'm brought up to speed about what you'd like specifically out of that story, I'd be more than happy to write it. I also write song lyrics and poetry—and charge the same rate of 0.02 USD a word. If you'd like bite-sized Regiwords for a dollar or two, that can be the perfect choice!

Stories will either be posted to my main account here, provided you're comfortable with that. If you'd like to post through your own account, I take no issue; however, I will request that I am properly credited in the long description of the story. In the event you do post to your own account, I will advertise the story via blog on FimFiction.

My writing strengths are in comedy, melancholia/introspective works, horror stories, and NSFW. Here are a few examples of my work!

There's a small star in Celestia's bedroom, and Luna's the only one who can get it out.
Regidar · 1.4k words  ·  258  6 · 2.2k views
Euntitled love story
Every time she goes to sleep, Princess Luna dreams of the same faceless mare.
Regidar · 3.5k words  ·  67  7 · 553 views
TThe River Reversed
In the Everfree river, the water runs backwards.
Regidar · 1k words  ·  123  5 · 2.2k views
The truth can be hard to see sometimes. During an extraordinary apple sale, the truth confronts Applejack.
Regidar · 1.7k words  ·  70  8 · 1.2k views
Hitch Trailblazer stumbles upon an injured creature that knows far more about Equestria’s past than he would have ever expected.
Regidar · 4.2k words  ·  197  11 · 2.2k views
TThe Monolith That Fell On Twilight's Front-Left Hoof
Twilight Sparkle enjoys a normal day with her friends until a spooky black monolith falls from the sky onto her front-left hoof and ruins everything.
Regidar · 2.6k words  ·  44  14 · 775 views

[Adult story embed hidden]

TThe Inadequacy
Shining Armor's anxiety mounts as his wife's due date draws ever closer.
Regidar · 6k words  ·  302  13 · 5k views

[Adult story embed hidden]

[Adult story embed hidden]

This is to give you a general idea of my current skill if you're not a frequent reader, and is nowhere near the full scope of what I have written/will write. I love trying new stuff out, so as long as it adheres to the guidelines above, don't be afraid to ask for stuff outside my wheelhouse.

Of course, if neither a donation nor a commission is within your budget, a signal boost to get the word around is just as appreciated! I also have a patreon if you're interested—I'm in the process of switching over to ko-fi in full due to patreon's spotty relationship with NSFW stuff, though.

New stories coming soon, hoping to at least post once a month this year. I'm hoping to get into a weekly music post, both about music in and outside of the fandom, and especially for more underground stuff. My plan for that will have its own blog, so if that's something that interests you, keep your eye out for that!

As always, love you guys :heart:

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Boosted, be well my sweaty prince.

I know how it is, my family and I have had our tough financial spots.
I wish nothing but the best for you and your family!

aww :heart: thank u art

thank you so much :twilightsmile: i really appreciate that. i hope things are better for you now, though!

Good luck!

Foalcon: for obvious reasons.

Damn decent of you.

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