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Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

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[math] Testing Area

R_{\mu \nu} - {1 \over 2}g_{\mu \nu}\,R + g_{\mu \nu} \Lambda = {8 \pi G \over c^4} T_{\mu \nu}

X(m,n)= \begin{cases} x(n)\\ x(n-1)\\ x(n-1) \end{cases}

e^{lim(x \text{ln}(1+\frac{1}{x}))} = e^{lim(\frac{ln(1+\frac{1}{x}}{x-1})}

\texttt{Hello World}

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Thanks for the add.

I'm honored you enjoyed Twilight de Bergerac and thought it worth a favorite. Thank you very much!

Project Gutenberg has it for free. And there's probably other sources. You're also almost guaranteed to find a copy of it in any bookstore.

Cool. Where can I find a original copy

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