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Feels like after all this time/You should have known we'd be here tonight/Wondering where the past has gone/All the memories we lost when we moved on


RariLight Bomb · 3:05pm May 12th

A bit late, but there's a Tumblr event that's just wrapping up called RariLight Bomb, in which creators are challenged to produce one RariLight thing a day for five days. The last day was yesterday (Friday), but submissions are open until the 21st of May. I'd encourage anyone who's a fan of RariLight to go take a look at some of the amazing works created over the past week, and I'd like to thank

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Apparently, I've been reading most of your stuff without noticing it was all from the same author, so consider that follow long overdue.

Thanks for the fave on Ember, Hoardsmelter.

Yo, have a follow for stuff.

So say goodnight to this, the final setting of the sun!

Nice trick, hiding a quote from my favorite song under your name like that.

I saw what you did, though, Mister!

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