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Like Sister, Like Student · 11:40am September 22nd

It was back in April that I wrote Nyx Returns, but I have found myself drawn back to the lovely little filly once again, probably influenced by the news that book copies of Past Sins are available, please see Pen Stroke's latest blog for details.

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You would remember Nyx turning Diamond Tiara into an orange ...
If in doubt, you can always dip into it again!

I took a look to put it on my read later, and turns out, I've read it before. Not sure when, but it's marked as read,

Know what you mean - there's a lot of good literature out there.
Hope you have fun catching up!

I'll be sure to take a read. I've got so many stories on my read later that I'm not sure when I'll read it, but I will.

Thank you for your kind words!
I fell in love with Nyx when I first read "Past Sins" and even incorporated her into my pen name: Brony + Nyx = Bronyxy.
I wrote another Nyx story back in April and if you enjoyed "Like Sister, Like Student" then I think you will like this too: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/405407/nyx-returns.

  • Viewing 82 - 86 of 86
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