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A group with the best stories from the best unicorn; Lyra Heartstrings.
Feel free to add your story in to the correct folder. If it doesn't fit in any, pop it into the Main.

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I must admit you aren't exactly hard on the eyes but only a human could be so rudely forward as that one.

I might be a Minuette fan, but I have joined because I also like Lyra.


I'm the 100th member! HAZAA.


If they still aren't showing up, you're not blocked from the group, perhaps it's a problem with your browser or computer?

Why are there no Threads showing up? Am I blocked our something?(':applejackconfused:');

Message me
There was a FimFiction story were Lyra was the main character and most of the ponies (forgets?) her like in mid-night.
(only knows 1st chapter)
Please tell me I'm having trouble finding it :ajbemused:

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