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Please, dear lord, do not put any 'Thank you for Watching!', 'Thank you for Faveing!' comments in my feed box. You guys know that I'm always welcome. Besides, if I favourite your story, then the thanks you give me is the story itself. ;D

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Coming pretty soon!

Coming pretty soon!

Coming pretty soon!

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  • The Sun Will Die! Princess Celestia finds out that the sun will die someday. You know what happens next. by Crackers 4,799 words · 3,706 views · 299 likes · 14 dislikes
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Thank you. (:

Amazing stories you have there :pinkiehappy:


Thank you for the follow and the favorite of The Mare in the Moon and Silver Spoon! I hope that I continue to entertain.

No problem!

I'm sure it will. ;)

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