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"...as for the Why: beyond the obvious financial motivation, it's exceedingly simple... because I can."

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Boi get yo advertising outta here

500? That there is a monster round for a revolver! The .500 magnum ammunition is quite the kicker and take both a strong grip and proper handling. Some say that it takes real men to use it, I think that's just folly- Oh wait! Were not discussing the powerhouse of handcannon round that is the .500 Magnum? Oh! I see. That halfway to 1000 thingy? Well then, I give congrats on Reaching 500 followers by following nearly everyone. No stories and only one blog post. Seriously, that's kind of impressive. Good job.

Comment posted by Aramis deleted August 18th

So I take it that your bio explains all of this xD
Sure why not
Thanks for the follow

  • Viewing 435 - 439 of 439
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