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Need some direction. · 1:23am February 17th

Hello all! I have one more chapter to go before part 3 for my zombie fic.
I just want to know for the ones who have read it, what would you like to see.

1) The group stays in the town of Iron’s Ridge and fortifies it.

And if they have to leave Iron’s Ridge then they,

2) Takeover an prison.
3) Takeover a military fort.
4) Takeover a grand hotel on a hilltop.

Thanks and have a great day and or night!!!

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No worries. :twilightsmile:

Just don't know what I should do for part 3. I made a blog post with my thoughts.

Wait never mind I don't know how it happened but i had to turn on mature mode on again. It might have happened when I cleared my browsing history and stuff. Sorry about that.

Yeah I can't see the story for some reason.

I'm still writing it. Just looking for an opinion on what I should do is all.
Why do you ask? Can't see the story?

What happened to your walking dead story?

  • Viewing 199 - 203 of 203
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