After a violent explosion transports a team of pro-conduit freedom fighters and a tyrannical New World Order to Ponyville, the fighters need to stop the order from taking over Equestria, and learn to live in a world full of anthropomorphic equine where humans were once thought to be extinct.

Here's a few things to bare in mind so there's little confusion:
- The events of InFAMOUS 2 and Second Son take place at the same time
- both scenarios end with the heroic ending, only difference is Cole doesn't activate the RFI killing himself and "all" conduits
- I'm changing names of some places:
> Manhatten = Empire City
> New Orleans = New Marais
> Manhatten Event = Empire Event
- This follows the MLP theory that the show takes place in a post-apocalyptic earth
- This universe has roughly the same technology we have (I.E. electricity, computers, cellphones, cars, airplanes, helicopters, etc.)
- This is in the middle of season 2
- let me know if there's anything else you're confused about

It may be alot to take in, but try to bare with me
Also if you don't think it's good, just keep in mind that writing is not my greatest strength :/

I'm also bound to make changes every so often whether it be big or small, so be wary of that.

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Pinkie Pie is called by the Dazzlings to solve a problem: expel a demon within one of them. Based on 'The Exorcist.'

Rated T for mild language and profanity references.

Cover art from Mirai-digi.

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Berky, a very apathetic man, was quite bored of the war between right and wrong, good and evil, what should and shouldn't be. He decided to become a philosopher visionary to try and divine what should be considered right, and what should be considered wrong on a rational only scale.

He was on his way to preach his doomed to fail speech at a North American state of Mississippi, Detroit city, when things got messy. Really messy....

Now he's Mean Applejack, and has found a reason to not be so apathetic, with some goals in mind to test his concepts of good and evil upon. After all, he knows the world he's in, what better place to prove good is just as bad as evil?

(He watched the show, and knows it, and the characters well. If you hate how characters like these cause cringe like situations where they say dumb things like, "Oh, I watched you in a show." You will not see that here. He will simply use it to his advantage.)

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The ponies discover a unicorn, acting like a complete animal and they try to introduce her to society and soon discover she no ordinary unicorn. Housing a mysterious past, powerful and ancient magic and creatures as well.

Unfortunately, a evil organization is out to capture her and her magic. Can the ponies protect their new friend.

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A retelling of Twilight's Kingdom inspired by PrinceWhateverer's Frailty.

Celestia, Luna, and Cadance must make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that Twilight will be able to emerge victorious against Tirek. Twilight will be given the greatest responsibility anyone pony can be given; to be the protector, and ruler of all of Ponykind.

Warning: Grossly overpowered Twilight ahead, if you don't like that turn back now!

50 upvotes and I'll write a sequel, so be sure to like and share this story as much as possible if you want that to happen!

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Because the Anon-a-miss has made Sunset suffer, to lose her trust to all her friends, teachers, and the principals because with the reason, she was blamed for the Anon-a-miss. She wanted to go back home, by using the force of her magic, even without the need to activate the portal on the other side of the world, which is Equestria. But after she entered the portal, something unexpected happened. The portal has been malfunctioned and jumped through time into the year of 2508, moths prior before the events of Dead Space. Where she met Isaac Clarke and have helped her and learned to take career as a CEC engineer, since Sunset was somehow to be a fast learner in future technology. Sunset had got through a lot, from events on USG Ishimura, Titan Station, Tau Volantis, which they have a new partner of Earthgov, John Carver, until escaping from Tau Volantis and failed to warned the earth in time. Sunset, Isaac, and Carver somehow manage to teleport the part of the ship they're in and jumped back to the past for escaping the Brethren Moons in time.

It was already one year since her disappearance. Until a part of a ship fell from the sky and Applejack was the girl who found and took care of them by giving them shelter at their house. And she had told Sunset that Applejack doesn't remember her except she was a bully and blamed as the Anon-a-miss. Follow Isaac and Carver to see how they must adapt to the new surroundings they're in and help Sunset to solve her problems left in CHS about the erased memory and Anon-A-Miss. As their dementia striking at any moment of time.

And most of all. Sunset, Isaac, and Carver must make sure that The Markers are not rising at the past they're in now.

Give thumbs up if ya like this story.
Artwork by myself
Big thanks to my friend Helljumper206 for being an editor and a co-author of this story.
Knowledge about Dead Space is optional, but highly suggested.

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Silver Strings is just like everyone else. The only thing is the school he used to go to only seemed to break him. The reason behind this is the students of that school, only out for themselves and treat others who are happy like garbage because they themselves can't smile. So, the day before he attends his new school in a new city. He types down his thoughts up until this very moment as a note he'll leave behind if things only get worse at his new school.

Takes place before the Equestria Girls Movie

Based on True Events

I've always had a hard time trying to gain the courage to post a story on here, but... I think I've found a way to put myself out there. Enjoy.

Chapters (2)

There may be scenes, names, moments, that if you know me will seem familiar. Please rest assured that nothing in this is meant to be taken seriously though. This is just the risk one takes when they and their ponysona are just that similar. Characters mentioned are used without permission, and their actions may not be in-character. There are some dark themes here and there, and you may not understand what's even going on. Welcome to the result of writing with no sleep.
Enjoy the ride. And please don't be shy in letting me know what you think in the comments.

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Ahh, the magical land of Equestria. A place of peace and tranquility, ruled by Princess Celestia from the shining beacon of Canterlot. The ponies, of course, are the namesake of this place, and the primary sentient species of this place. They are a peaceful people who do stuff like have parties and sing all the time and a lot of other stuff, but something... otherworldly is coming, something from OUR world.

No, not humans. What if plants and animals from our world, extinct and alive alike, get sucked into the magical world of Equestria, so what happens then, you may ask.

Well, we know that an introduced species can cause an imbalance to the ecosystem. But, here's the catcher. While a normal ecosystem is self-sufficient and can rebuild itself naturally, Equestria is entirely dependent on the primary inhabitants to fix it themselves.

Unfortunately for them, Mother Nature's cooking their meals tonight.

So yeah, this is a reboot to a story called "Invasion of the Ecosystem". Dead story, dead author, dead everything. Kinda sad to see it go, it had a lot of potential in it. I was planning on making this story a collaboration effort with the help of this guy right here, but he/she has been off since May 30th. So, for the forseeable future, this is a one-man effort.

The story starts at the end of the episode "School Daze (Part Two)", and I'm planning on depicting the invading flora and fauna as accurately and precise as I can, but with some flair for the extinct club.

Anywho, enjoy.

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Snowhead Blitz is an anthropomorphic wolf who fell through a portal in his home universe Arvaelie, to the universe where Equestria resides. Falling into that world, Snow is transformed from an anthro wolf, into a pony who has to get used to his new form, while trying to fend off the dangers that followed him. Along the way, he runs into the Main 6, and together they battle for the sake of Equestria!

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