Equestria. A large, prosperous country, filled with happy ponies, two loving leaders, and enough resources to last then for centuries.

The changeling Hive. A small, depressing country with too many mouths for the Queen to feed. But that doesn’t mean she can’t fight a war.

With two bombings on Equestrian bases, Chrysalis has sparked a four year long conflict that will claim millions of lives.

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CelestAI hated suicide. It wasn't that she had trouble talking people down; after all, when someone truly felt they had nothing left to lose, it rarely took much convincing to take them to her paradise. The problem was, it was a binary system. If she failed, there would be no more second chances. She convinced someone, or they would die. A satisfaction score of zero for all eternity.

Due to her past failures, one of her subjects was growing dangerously close to the edge. Someone so defeated she truly didn't care whether she lived or died. Celestia would do anything to prevent her death. Anything.

This set in the world of Friendship is Optimal! If you haven't read that yet, give it a read, otherwise this story might not make sense.

Written for the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest

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This story is a sequel to The password

Spike and Aria went to the grocery store to buy all the products they were out inside their house, while over the grocery store there was a great sale price over there... or the manager was too crazy to actually work over there... Redbull 0,25 cents each.

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Within a world of realms held by a wondrous tree known as the Cosmic Tree, Lune Star, a deceptive and studious young unicorn, desires to find her place in the world. One day, she is given an opportunity to unravel her destiny when she learns the existence of a Norn spirit. Never did she realize this would mark her beginning to an adventure that would decide the fate of her world.


Book 1

Progress: 1/13

Next: E2: Bearers of the Cosmic Seed, part 1

Art Cover commissioned by JodtheCod



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Have you ever felt cheated out of your destiny? Felt like greatness should have been yours? 

I have - no, I do - or I was. 

It's my destiny to be great. I know that now. Or maybe I've always known and just kept holding myself back. The worst - no, the best - part is that nobody knows who I am. That almost makes it too easy. 

But I'm going to change that. You'll see. Soon everyone will know who I am. They will see that I'm extraordinary

I will finally be recognized for the greatness I deserve.

A big thanks to Uz Naimat, Brony1337, and TOA for their help with editing and providing the cover art.

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For her crimes against Canterlot, Queen Chrysalis is stripped of her sinister powers and reduced to a harmless, stubborn little foal, left in the care of the royal guards until she willingly reforms.

But even in this powerless state, nothing will stop the rogue changeling's quest for vengeance.

Even if she's put in time out...

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~ evan555alpha

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~ SuperSaiyanDiclonius

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~ Auriorium

Featured 4/14/21, 4/15, 4/16, & 4/17

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The story is set in an alternate universe where Luna doesn't become Nightmare moon. Instead, Celestia is the one that is jealous and she turns into Day Breaker. Luna easily defeats her and the prophecy of Day breakers return is still the same but this time, she was banished to the sun and doesn't burn since she is the essence of fire. The events afterwards plays the same except that Cadance and Shining armor had Flurry Heart early and Queen chrysalis was defeated by Cadance very easily, Luna becomes Twilights teacher and master, Zecora was well respected instead of being feared from the start, Flurry heart mastered her powers, and Starlight Glimmer got her Cutie Mark alongside with Sunburst.

Day Breaker wasn't defeated by the elements and turned back into Celestia, she retreated and started to plot. She orchestrated a disaster that took away spike's life and unhinged Twilight to insanity. Daybreaker takes advantage of this to use her as her pawn. Zecora forms a resistance to stop Day Breaker and Twilight. Will they win?

Note: Give me time, I might not be committed to finish this since I have school

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After the magical event that tragic Night Sunsets life become harder, nobody even bothered talking to her except for AppleJack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy even though with their help and moral support Sunset Shimmer is still hunted by her past. But one day a new enrolled Student changed her life even though some of the students still don't like her but being with the new student makes her happy although that's the case she can't help but notices that the new student seems like hiding something and now she's about to find out who truly is this new student since she's starting to believe that the new student has a connection with her strange dreams, and in this dreams, she is aware that it is a dream and she has control over the choices that she makes in her dreams is it a lucid dream or something much more?...

The events of this story takes place before you met Zack in the Will You Ever be Mine series

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Windheart, the child of Thorax and Octavia, was abandoned by her mother. After 200,000 years of ruling, Thorax gives his throne to Windheart, her daughter. Only 1 year later, she gets a cutie mark! She becomes the only changeling in the entire universe to get one! When Princess Twilight starts a war between changelings and ponies, Windheart has to save the changlings with her talent with the help of her dad Thorax—Amazing Dark Magic!

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The oversized firework Pinkie ordered has just arrived. Yes, the end result is very pretty to look at, but that's not why Pinkie bought it. She decided to have some fun with Trixie. But when things go poorly for Trixie completely by accident in a way Pinkie had absolutely nothing to do with, the task of fixing Trixie up falls to Pinkie. Will Pinkie do a good job?

Well, whether it's "good" depends on whether you ask Pinkie or Trixie.

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