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Hello all you maniacs out there. Welcome to the Dark Comedy group, where dark subjects are funny. If you have a black comedy you want to post or you've seen a good dark comedy story, then post it here. Just remember:

Any stories you add must have BOTH the Dark tag and Comedy tag

For those who have joined: Welcome to the club! Here, we are psycopaths!

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I love Dark Comedy… and ROTLD is a particularly good example! XD

355158 that's so perfect yet so bad xD

I've add a few stories that I have personally enjoyed. I would highly recommend reading Rainbownomicon, its one of the first fanfictions I read and showed me the wonderful world of dark humor. There really needs to be more dark comedy, so lets get working! *sharpens knife* :pinkiecrazy:

I've decided to make a Kenny-cycle story just because of this group.

Oh yeah,

It's gonna happen.

I have found my people.

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