There are some ground rules:

This is a group where first and foremost, people are encouraged to be happy to be themselves. So make posts expressing all kinds of things: Your sexual orientation, your values, your culture, the things you're a fan of, your problems, your religion, your political beliefs, anything.

Now having different opinions and expressing them is only human, but if you have different opinions, the main recommendation would be to make your own thread for your own beliefs, or to write a kindly, mature, and reasonable contradiction on the original thread. Yelling at people and using childish terms that indicate an inability to handle a different opinion like "circle-jerk" won't help express your opinion, much less help change other peoples' minds. All it would do is increase their determination and create dissent.

This is a free-speech to the near-maximum group, but there are some limits. There are multiple attitudes to homosexuality that are permitted. If you are gay and proud of it, or at least root for the team, that is an acceptable attitude. If you don't hate gay people but think that some of their actions or attitudes aren't good for them, that's fine too, just explain rationally and nicely. However, if your attitude is "God hates f@gs", this will not be encouraged. If anything, this sort of thing will be discouraged. Now, I think most of us here are pro-gay, so it likely won't come to any of this, but this is just an example. This group is about making people feel safe here, and hostility does nothing of the kind. Also, attacking other users is almost unacceptable. I'll discuss this with other administrators to further develop and define this ground rule.

However, if someone posts hostility, don't respond with hostility, because it generates more dissent; instead, downvote, and alert the other administrators.

Snobbery is also not encouraged here. So, no red-herrings, strawmen, deliberately misspelling your opponents' arguments, and general impertinence.

What warrants a ban? This is a group about being happy to be yourself and to handle other opinions well, so, actually, not much, except for creating enough dissent and generating far too much hostility.

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Hi everyone ^^

True! Context is far more important than words chosen!

Even people that use words that express hatred towards a group don't necessarily feel that way. Which is why I think it's most important to pay attention to what message the person is trying to communicate and the intention behind it, rather than only factoring in what words they used.


Don't worry, being skeptical about the actions is not the same as wishing death to the people. Besides, I'm increasingly pro-gay; I just noticed that FIMFiction's culture is about controlling how others think by yelling them into submission rather than letting them choose it freely or trying to alter opinions with honest reasoning. Here, we have an opportunity to provide multiple options for opinions or at least for reasonable conduct.

Besides, it's just an example. Most people here have no problems with homosexuality, as far as I know. However, we will probably eventually hit far more controversial topics, with far more division, and the example above merely shows how we are supposed to respond to that.

That wall of legalese is really intimidating. :fluttershysad:

...and kind of makes it sound like it's a group for passive-aggressive gay-hatred, instead of the overt sort. Just because it focuses on it with such legal exactitude compared to everything else.

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