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Life is just a coincidence, that's what Mother Nature and Auntie Evolution taught us.

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  • 130 weeks
    Don't Panic and Carry a Style Guide: Preliminary 1


    The purpose of this guide is to teach you, the writer, what you should and shouldn’t do to assure the quality of your stories, and to show you how to best communicate with other authors as well as your audience. We, the authors of this guide, understand this will come across as telling you what to do, but that is the point of any style guide or anyone offering advice. There are many ways of creating and viewing storytelling. We are merely providing our viewpoints on it.

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  • 133 weeks
    I Wanna See Pigs Fly (Finally Saw the G5 Film)

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  • 189 weeks
    Creating Compelling Characters

    Creating a ‘good’ character is an evergreen topic in many groups on this site, so I thought it might be worth a shot to dedicate another miniguide to it. Here I’ll focus primarily on some aspects of a character’s role in a story and the ways in which these aspects affect character creation. The guide might be also a bit messier than usual as putting together these various tidbits of advice would require a far longer text to be somewhat coherently connected.

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  • 196 weeks
    Handling Points of View with Grace

    I’m pretty sure that all of you have read more than one story in your life, and I’d bet that most of you noticed that stories can be told from a variety of perspectives. If you prefer a somewhat fancier term, such a perspective can be also called a point of view (POV for short). Types of POVs, their usage, and common pitfalls are what’s this miniguide going to be about. Just like in case of the guides previously published here (and archived in my blogs), this is meant primarily for beginners

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  • 209 weeks
    Story Titles, Cover Art, and Descriptions 101

    Imagine this: You wrote a story that you deem great. You may have even shown it to a few folks for beta-reading and might have it edited, so the fact the story ain’t bad is most likely not just your subjective perception. Then you publish the story. Nothing happens. No comments, a modicum of votes, and a few views. Maybe it’s just bad luck. Or maybe the story’s boring and fails to maintain the audience’s attention—however, if you had a bunch of good beta-readers helping with the story, this

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Welcome, random wanderer! And you too, stalker that comes here every day!

I'm EverfreePony, "Ever" for short. Pleased to meet you!

In real life I'm a biologist. As for here, I'm just a person that really enjoys writing, drawing, reading and helping others, albeit sometimes I can't take my love of science out of it. I’ve served as an editor of both fiction and official documents for nearly half a decade, and I’ve helped with over eighty stories on this site. PM me if you need your story looked over. I also draw cover art for free from time to time, so feel free to ask about that as well, though my free time is limited these days. (Have you noticed the three clauses with ‘free’ in a row?)

I’ve also written a bunch of short writing guides over the years, so if anyone needs them, they can be found right here:
Creating Compelling Characters
Handling Points of View with Grace
Story Titles, Cover Art, and Descriptions 101
How to (Not) Write Story Beginnings
Making a Good Story
Grammar Advice for (not just) Novice Writers
Common Issues and How to Avoid Them

As for my stories, they sometimes get pushed to the sidelines by my other activities, but I’m dead-set on finishing them one day. I mostly write comedies with some adventure and suspense thrown in from time to time, and I tend to deviate quite a bit from canon. Here’s a list of my published and upcoming works, along with short, uselessly simplified blurbs:

The Forest Pony
Luna crashlands in the Everfree, a madmare and a dragon help her out. Celestia acts weird. [Incomplete]

Natura Semper Liberi
A diary of a cynical researcher that likes timberwolves and doesn’t like Fluttershy. [Completed]

Dash - like the punctuation?
Filly Rainbow Dash, books, and bad punctuation puns. And yes, that’s a hyphen in the title. [Completed]

Inside the Forbidden Room
No... it's not a clopfic, just a story from a school staffroom. Contains coffee. Lots of it.[Completed]

Two Ponies, Four Names
Daring Do teams up with Tempest Shadow. [WIP]

Natura Equestriana
A sequel to Natura Semper Liberi, this time with manticores. [WIP]

Of Nightmares and Cookies
Filly Luna wants a midnight snack. It gets darker and darker from there. [WIP, not a priority]

Snowbound Canterlot
It’s snowing a lot in Canterlot. Celestia and Twilight try to solve it. [WIP, not a priority]

And I also admin at these groups, come check them out:
A/B Testing - A group made to help you with choosing the best story titles, descriptions, and art
Anti-Depression Ponies - Are you dealing with depression, or are you just feeling down? Come talk with us!

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it worked at the reactor, and now this is one of the most toxic and adequate places that I know (the only Russian network where they categorically do not support the war). I don't want to teach, I want bad stories not to be so popular and people considered the bad to be bad (the example is not the best because he seems to have left a long time ago). It is very unlikely that now a new story will become as popular and
highly valued, it just caused less harm.

Just like yours. the only intention was to enlighten the author, it won't stop new writers from making the same mistakes. But you do you.

dont want, in English through translators it’s still more convenient

Heh, all right. I'm not sure if disliking means there'll be no more bad stories, to be honest. Amongst other things, disliking a bad story without letting the person know why it's bad won't teach the person how to avoid writing bad. And even if your sole intention was driving that person away, it won't prevent new writers from writing something you may consider bad stories. But you do you.

I'm not sure if there's more to say at the moment, but feel free to write in Russian if you want to contact me in the future. While I'm not Russian myself, and my knowledge of azbuka is terribly rusty, I can still understand most of it. (My native language is another Slavic language.)

Thanks for the warnings. I often count on such a result, if at least someone like the author who wrote forever young leaves the site, then a ban or massive hyperbullying on other sites will be worth it.
If I dislike, I want to ruin the stats.
Your opinion, I disagree, depends on the context, and disliking bad stories will prevent bad stories from becoming popular, authors will not look up to her and there will be no more bad stories.
+ more people will pass by and not waste time and dislike - is also a message too

Русский, мне легко говорить писать на английском используя 2 переводчика.

Hmm, I see. Thank you for answering!

By the way, while nobody can really stop you, disliking stories for no apparent reason is seen as a sort of very bad thing around here, so it's better to avoid doing that. (So bad that some people got kicked off the site for in the past... or were kind of hunted and hounded by other users.) If you do it to some new author, then you may make them really sad and maybe even make them leave the site. And while a single dislike may seem like a small thing that's just one click away, it still hurts the statistics on rather big stories as well. I personally find it better to avoid voting if I spot something off and instead comment my thoughts on the story. That way I get the message across, anyone else can read it, and the author may even learn something from it.

What's your native language, if I may ask? I speak multiple languages and can read even more to a certain degree, so maybe you can switch to your mother tongue if that'd make chatting easier for you. :twilightsmile:

no, I really have nothing to do, so I just enter random profile numbers into the address bar. It seems that I started reading your stories, but I don’t remember why I put dislikes.
I can't translate further.

Uh, all right? What/who do you mean by Mother Nature? I don't think we've ever talked before, so I'm curious, what led you to my profile page?

Also, this may be just really unfortunate timing, but roughly around the time you made this comment, all of my stories received a downvote. If you had something to do with it by chance and have some specific feedback on what you didn't like about the stories, please let me know. I welcome constructive feedback and opinions.

I hate Mother Nature

Hi there. Have you tried asking on the Looking for Editors group? It's not just for editors, so you can ask there for co-writers and other helpers.

Hi Can you help me find a collaborator for my story?

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