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Life is just a coincidence, that's what Mother Nature and Auntie Evolution taught us.

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  • 3 weeks
    *A deep, hopeful and jolly title*

    Such a shame I can’t think of any title that would fit that bill.
    Greetings everybody,
    I hope you had (and hopefully are still having) great holidays. I can say I have finally awaken from the few month-long slumber and for the time being, I can say I plan on staying active here. But more about that later.

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  • 25 weeks
    Two Years Later—Natura Semper Liberi

    A quick overview of this blog: A little sentimental talk, rewrites and a possible sequel to Natura Semper Liberi. Most interesting stuff is at the end!

    (Timberwolf by hinoraito)

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  • 26 weeks
    Chapter 8 of the Forest Pony this Friday!

    Chapter 8 of The Forest Pony is now fully written and edited, in its whole eight thousand word glory. The Dark tag should come into play more as well. And of course, Luna still has her newly acquired hat.

    It shall be posted this Friday (7/20/2018), at 22:00 GMT ( 6PM EDT) sharp.

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  • 29 weeks
    Chapter 8 of TFP finished

    Just a quick update: Chapter 8 of The Forest Pony is now fully written and in the hands of my editor. I’m now leaving for two weeks, so it should be up once I return.

    Signing off,

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  • 40 weeks
    Ever out of order (Sort of on hiatus)

    Greetings everybody, everypony, everyling and every-sea-cucumber!
    I'd love to announce that a new chapter is about to be posted, but sadly, that's not the case.

    In the Autor's Note below the latest chapter of The Forest Pony, I promised this:

    The next chapter should be up by the middle of March! (to be specified)

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Latest Stories

Welcome, random wanderer! And you too, stalker that comes here everyday!

I'm EverfreePony, "Ever" for short. Pleased to meet you!
In real life I'm a biology student. As for here, I'm just a person that really enjoys writing, drawing, reading and helping others, albeit sometimes I can't take my love for science out of it. If you ever need help with a story or cover art (my deviantArt page here), feel free to send me a PM.

As for my stories, I mostly focus on Equestrian nature and certain Forest, but you can also find a bunch of tired and coffee addicted teachers running around. Oh, and some funny fillies too. And did I mention Princess Luna?
Let me introduce my stories properly:

The Forest Pony
A story of Princess Luna's misadventures in wilderness.
It features our beloved Princess of the Night, coping with the vile Everfree Forest. Outside, even viler enemy lurks. Who can Luna trust, staying under the canopy of Everfree without the luxury of her castle?

Natura Semper Liberi
A diary of unnamed cynical researcher. I'd recomend this to anybody that likes nature and little logical thinking. The main focus are the connections and lifecycles of Everfree animals and plants.

Dash - like the punctuation?
Exactly what the title says. Expect filly Rainbow Dash, books and (bad) punctuation puns. Also, lots of clouds in different forms.

Inside the Forbidden Room
Want something that isn't connected with Everfree? Here you go.
No... it's not a clopfic. Just a satirical lighthearted story based on a school staffroom. Especially recommended to those that would like to see some canon ponies as foals!

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Okay, sounds good, thank you. :scootangel:

You are welcome, you deserved both :twilightsmile:

I’m now heading out for some New Year celebrations, but once I get back, I’ll comb through the story for those errors and send them to you. It might take a few hours though, so just you know I’m not ignoring you :scootangel:

Well thanks for the fav and comment. :pinkiesmile: Glad you liked it. I know I need some work. I am going to edit/correct my stuff pretty soon.... It’s actually pretty recently that I realized these kinds of errors in my work myself.

Could you PM me some snippets/examples of errors in my story? It’ll help me to hone my craft. :twilightsmile:

:facehoof: Why didn't I noticed the possible pun here?!

I waited for this forEVER :trollestia:

Gosh, I feel honored :rainbowlaugh:


Ever, I waited for this a whole year :rainbowwild: I was so nervous to miss the oportunity with you getting new followers like snowflakes in winter lately:trollestia:

I’m another step closer to dominating the site! Mwahahaha!

:pinkiegasp: ... :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks! :pinkiehappy:
You were waiting for the 99th person before you joined in, weren’t you? :raritywink:

I’m another step closer to dominating the site! Mwahahaha!

You did it!


Congratulation Ever! :pinkiehappy:

I just want to thank you, Ever, for you have been my editor and pre-reader for a bit longer than a year:twilightsmile:

You made my story not only better from gramma and wording, but also improved the content by far:yay:

Really folks, if you can get this woman as your editor, do it! :raritywink:

No prob... Will give a review when I finish reading them. :pinkiesmile:

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