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Life is just a coincidence, that's what Mother Nature and Auntie Evolution taught us.

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  • 21 weeks
    Creating Compelling Characters

    Creating a ‘good’ character is an evergreen topic in many groups on this site, so I thought it might be worth a shot to dedicate another miniguide to it. Here I’ll focus primarily on some aspects of a character’s role in a story and the ways in which these aspects affect character creation. The guide might be also a bit messier than usual as putting together these various tidbits of advice would require a far longer text to be somewhat coherently connected.

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  • 28 weeks
    Handling Points of View with Grace

    I’m pretty sure that all of you have read more than one story in your life, and I’d bet that most of you noticed that stories can be told from a variety of perspectives. If you prefer a somewhat fancier term, such a perspective can be also called a point of view (POV for short). Types of POVs, their usage, and common pitfalls are what’s this miniguide going to be about. Just like in case of the guides previously published here (and archived in my blogs), this is meant primarily for beginners

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    10 comments · 189 views
  • 41 weeks
    Story Titles, Cover Art, and Descriptions 101

    Imagine this: You wrote a story that you deem great. You may have even shown it to a few folks for beta-reading and might have it edited, so the fact the story ain’t bad is most likely not just your subjective perception. Then you publish the story. Nothing happens. No comments, a modicum of votes, and a few views. Maybe it’s just bad luck. Or maybe the story’s boring and fails to maintain the audience’s attention—however, if you had a bunch of good beta-readers helping with the story, this

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  • 43 weeks
    COVID, Floods, Slugs, and Other Joys

    It’s been three months since my last status report, and I feel it’s time for another one. Things definitely haven’t played out as I anticipated them to. For one, I hoped I’d finally get enough free time to make significant headway on all of my pony and non-pony projects. Well, nope.

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  • 51 weeks
    How to (Not) Write Story Beginnings

    So you have a story with a good description, fitting cover art, original title, and an appealing premise, yet it seems that the views and votes are not coming in as fast as you‘d like? There might be many reasons behind your lack of success, including, but not limited to, bad luck and bad timing, the title, description and so on not being as perfect as you think, and, lastly, the story itself not being as good as you advertised it to be.

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Latest Stories

Welcome, random wanderer! And you too, stalker that comes here every day!

I'm EverfreePony, "Ever" for short. Pleased to meet you!

In real life I'm a biologist. As for here, I'm just a person that really enjoys writing, drawing, reading and helping others, albeit sometimes I can't take my love of science out of it. I’ve served as an editor of both fiction and official documents for nearly half a decade, and I’ve helped with over eighty stories on this site. PM me if you need your story looked over. I also draw cover art for free from time to time, so feel free to ask about that as well, though my free time is limited these days. (Have you noticed the three clauses with ‘free’ in a row?)

I’ve also written a bunch of short writing guides over the years, so if anyone needs them, they can be found right here:
Creating Compelling Characters
Handling Points of View with Grace
Story Titles, Cover Art, and Descriptions 101
How to (Not) Write Story Beginnings
Making a Good Story
Grammar Advice for (not just) Novice Writers
Common Issues and How to Avoid Them

As for my stories, they sometimes get pushed to the sidelines by my other activities, but I’m dead-set on finishing them one day. I mostly write comedies with some adventure and suspense thrown in from time to time, and I tend to deviate quite a bit from canon. Here’s a list of my published and upcoming works, along with short, uselessly simplified blurbs:

The Forest Pony
Luna crashlands in the Everfree, a madmare and a dragon help her out. Celestia acts weird. [Incomplete]

Natura Semper Liberi
A diary of a cynical researcher that likes timberwolves and doesn’t like Fluttershy. [Completed]

Dash - like the punctuation?
Filly Rainbow Dash, books, and bad punctuation puns. And yes, that’s a hyphen in the title. [Completed]

Inside the Forbidden Room
No... it's not a clopfic, just a story from a school staffroom. Contains coffee. Lots of it.[Completed]

Two Ponies, Four Names
Daring Do teams up with Tempest Shadow. [WIP]

Natura Equestriana
A sequel to Natura Semper Liberi, this time with manticores. [WIP]

Of Nightmares and Cookies
Filly Luna wants a midnight snack. It gets darker and darker from there. [WIP, not a priority]

Snowbound Canterlot
It’s snowing a lot in Canterlot. Celestia and Twilight try to solve it. [WIP, not a priority]

And I also admin at these groups, come check them out:
A/B Testing - A group made to help you with choosing the best story titles, descriptions, and art
Anti-Depression Ponies - Are you dealing with depression, or are you just feeling down? Come talk with us!

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Don’t worry about the late reply; it’s okay.

And thank you for the help. Just wait a few minutes, I’ll send you a PM.

Oh, hi there, Uz.

I apologise for my late answer. I tend to leave the site open on my profile page when not reading or digging through forums, so I tend to miss notifications from this comment section.

Yes, we’ve talked in the past about some editing stuff, if I’m not mistaken. Feel free to PM me again with the cover art. The same applies to anything else you may need in the future. I promise I respond to PMs much faster.

Hiya there, Ever!

I’m pretty pure we’ve PMed each other before, about... something. Anywho, I was wondering something. You recently commented on my thread on Art for Fanfiction about Hoow to Host a Party’s new cover art. Would you like to take a look on my upcoming story’s cover art? I’ll send you a PM if you’re interested.

Have a follow

Hopefully you'll get it fixed soon.

Also, feel free to use the art as cover or some sort of promotional material (though if you do so, I'd appreciate it if you credited me).

I’ve already sent a comment to Knighty about this issue, but I still have to wait for a response

Ah, your PMs don't work, right?

You're welcome, I hope that you like the art. :twilightsmile:

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