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Your power to create personas of the Death Arcana has grown!

+Epsilon-Delta will take a fatal blow for you in battle.

+Epsilon-Delta will reveal the location of all treasure and enemies on your mini-map.

+Epsilon-Delta will perform a follow-up when you knock down an enemy.

+Epsilon-Delta will now help an ally back up during battle.

+Epsilon-Delta can now cure severe aliments in battle.


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Also I finally got my fidget spinner! Is actually kind of neat. That thing spins for a really long time when you flick it. It feels weird when you move it around while it's spinning.

I started watching a video of someone playing "Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles", and you were in it!


--Sweetie Belle

Why don't you like pinkie? Sorry it seems like u don't

social satire is the
religion of
ice cream fgt

That is all. Equestria is ours.


Ah, that's very kind of you. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Well.. I wanted to make sure you had a copy available that didn't have the "vlidiot" text so that if you wanted to use it, you could put something else there too. Obviously you can use another avatar too, if you want.

--Sweetie Belle

Ooooohhhh! Well thank you for letting me keep it! :rainbowlaugh:
But I think I'll change it for now.

I do actually like it myself, too. You can keep it if you want. I just wanted to give you the choice.

--Sweetie Belle

I know it's been a week... but... I like this avatar! :raritydespair:
I'm keeping it!

Forgot to reply to this one.

I have looked around online at tutorials an' youtube videos teaching you how to draw an' things like that. It's also weird when you find yourself looking at pictures and trying to see how things are drawn. I'm kinda trying to look at where the lines that aren't drawn are a little more, if that makes sense.

I started out doodling. They weren't really good doodles, either. "This misshapen circle is now a head" quality...

Oh, and I think it's been a week!

The stuff I did behind the text gets more obvious when you remove the text, doesn't it?

--Sweetie Belle

Hmmmm... Have you tried going on to art forums and the like for advice on how to improve? I'm sure they could help you with some techniques that you could use. I think there's one here on FIMfiction too!

My drawings are extra bad! Though it's not really a hobby for me. I'll usually doodle if I find myself bored, which is usually in college. :raritywink:

Oh welsies! Keep doing what you're doing, because you're creating some great stuff, boyo!... Or girlo... Either or...

It is a hobby, though I've bought some stuff for it 'cause I enjoy it.

And actually, I'm jealous of the ones that can just sit down and draw something easily. I just decided that since I couldn't draw, I'd work on the stuff I could do, which was edit pictures. Coloring was kinda a natural extension of that, and I could trace if I zoomed in real big. Then I found paint programs with tools that make tracing things really easy.

I'm still finding the best way for me to draw something is to draw it really badly, make that layer really light, draw over it on another layer, tracing the good bits and redrawing the bad, and to keep doing that until I get something that looks decent.

The nice thing about computers is they let you cheat a lot on things, and the more you practice things, even if you aren't good at 'em, the better you become.

And I would keep in mind that just 'cause you are bad at something isn't any reason not to do it, if you think it's fun...

--Sweetie Belle

Cool, dude. Art is a nice little hobby. (I assume it's a hobby for you) It's good to see you improving on it and going off of tracing, and I am totally not jealous at all that you can draw and I can't.

Just derpibooru, so far, and the occasional scattered around stuff. Trouble is that if I draw from scratch, it doesn't usually come out that well, so mosta the stuff I do is based on somepony else's art somewhere along the line. My avatar has the base lines traced from somepony else's picture that used to be my avatar, for example.

Or if you look at this picture I uploaded to derpibooru:

It's based on this picture by tjpones:

I'm kinda occasionally working on being able to draw stuff just using another picture as visual reference and not tracing occasionally.

Lemony's picture, I did do from scratch, tho'. I like how it ended up coming out, though I think I reworked it twice...

--Sweetie Belle

Ooooh! Such an artistic mindset! Speaking of artist, do you have a Deviantart? Or is it just Derpbooru? I know you did an avatar for Weatherstorm once and I like your art! :rainbowkiss:


I'm double-plus sorry, Sweetie. I shouldn't have been antisocial and lazy, and should have said something after the faux-eulogies. :pinkiesad2:

I can understand being antisocial and lazy, really. Rumors of your death are things you really don't want to hafta deal with, tho'. and you could've had people dropping by for a long time and thinking you died...

Being on the other side of the guilt trip is a bad place to be! My weapon of choice is eeeeevil. :fluttercry:

Well... there is a reason I can fill in for you as admin. How do you think I ended up getting Vengeful Spirit to make an announcement that I was officially replacing him as head of the Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau?

I have joined the FiMFic Discord. If I'd known it was the place to SweetAI up my life, I'd have joined ages ago!

Yay! I mostly lurk there, but it's my most likely lurking spot on discord. And there are a buncha people you know there, too.

No problem! I'm actually kinda picky about making sure everything's in place when giving out an avatar, even when it's just for a purpose like this one.

--Sweetie Belle

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