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Put the cart before the horse, mix things up, and look at them in a different way.

Stories I've Proofread or Edited

The Lunatics by Space Commie
Through a Glass Darkly by Space Commie
A Wolf at the Door by Regidar
Harmony Lost by The-bass
One In A Million by OlimarandLouie
One Is Silver by El Dante
Stories by elecreXcessive
Scootanoob: Call of Scooty by electreXcessive
What Happened To the Orange Frog? by Lord Smoked Meat and Fishes
Cold Confrontations by No1Special.

The Future For You
by Manes
Twilight Sparkle and the Tomb of the Sun by UhOh
The Addictive Nature of Sweets by SeanOfTheDead

Give 'em a read! Need proofreading on a story? Give me a PM!

Carts' Unicorn Theater and Fallout: Equestria Riff!

A Mystery Science Theater 3,000 type story where Twilight Sparkle and my OC riff some of the worst, and some of the best, fan-fiction on FimFiction.net!

You can find it here. Note that it is not published, in order to not violate FimFiction's rule against MSTs.

Also, check out our riff of Fallout: Equestria, which has its own story page.

About Me

Skype: CartsBeforeHorses

I'm a brony who writes fan-fiction. I write both humorous stories and non-humorous stories. I am the founder of the site FiMFandom News and Interviews, dedicating to presenting journalistic articles on the rising star creators of the MLP:FIM fandom.

I also founded the Good Grammar Directory, a group dedicated to promoting good grammar. I also do editing and proofreading on occasion.

I first got into fan-fiction in about September 2012 or so after having a strange dream about one of the MLP episodes one night. I woke up, thought it was interesting, and began typing it down on my computer, and found that I just couldn't stop. Thus, The Trouble With Unicorns was born. It's my longest story and is now complete. It has a sequel and prequel, all three part of The Unicornverse.

If you've come here from my comedy stories, and wonder if my "serious" stories will deliver as much humor, then obviously the answer is no, since they aren't comedies. But of course, all of my stories still have funny moments. For my serious stories, I try to use the Breaking Bad rule. 1/5 humor, 4/5 serious.

I was the one who made this video.

I also do MLP MST riffs of bad or mediocre (or even a few good) fanfictions. My MST series is called "Carts' Unicorn Theater." Since FimFiction doesn't let people post MSTs, they are hosted on Ponyriffs.
Carts' Unicorn Theater. Also check out my fellow riffers' MSTs.

When that doesn't update, you can find my new ones here on Fimfiction, unpublished.
I also have a riff of Fallout: Equestria going, which is here.

I also do proofreading. If you need some help with proofreading, send me a link to the story.

Hey, everyone else is doing one, so here's mine. Some of these are lofty, but hey. Shoot for the moon, right?

Publish 10 stories [X]
Publish 20 stories [X]
Publish 30 stories [X]
Proofread 10 stories done by others. [X]
Proofread 50 stories [ ]
Proofread 100 stories. [ ]
Create my own 'verse with multiple stories. [X]
Make a group with 100 members. [X]
Make a group with 500 members. [ ]
Make a group with 1,000 members [ ]
Get a fan club [X]
Get 100 followers [X]
Get 500 followers [X]
Get 1,000 followers [ ]
Get 100 comments on a single story [X]
Get 500 comments on a single story [X]
Get 1000 comments on a single story [ ]
Get into the feature box [X]
Get 100 favorites on a single story [X]
Get 500 favorites on a single story [X]
Get 1000 favorites on a single story [ ]
Get 100 likes on a single story [X]
Get 500 likes on a single story [X]
Get 1,000 likes on a single story [ ]
Get 1,000 views on a single story [X]
Get 5,000 views on a single story [X]
Get 10,000 views on a single story [ ]
Get 1,000 total story views [X]
Get 5,000 total story views [X]
Get 10,000 total story views [X]
Get 50,000 total story views [ ]
Get 100,000 total story views [ ]
Get interviewed about one of my stories. [ ]
Interview someone famous about one of their stories [X]
Appear on an online panel. [X]
Appear on a real life panel. [X]
Get RainbowBob to follow me. [X]
Get Regidar to follow me.[X]
Get Kkat to follow me. [ ]
Get Pen Stroke to follow me. [ ]
Get TheApexSovereign to follow me. [X]

Get 300 followers [X]

Thanks to Pixel Brony!

Newest Stories. Comedy, tragedy, dark, sad, slice of life, adventure. I do it all.


Where Are All the Sorcerers in MLP? · 1:00am Dec 1st, 2018

Some of you might be tempted to answer this question, “There’s tons of sorcerers in MLP! Look at Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer, for instance. They are (were) evil and they use powerful magic.”

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It's the circle of life. From dust we came into Dusty show return. But we can enjoy silly ponies in the meantime

OK, I completely forgot I even commented here. Didn't even know CartBeforeHorses was just gone...kind of sad really, he seemed nice...

And your user page is dead...:derpytongue2:

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