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Welcome to Twilight's Spellbook. The stories posted here will be filled with lots of magic and spells, sometimes even transformations. I will be adding more stories soon but for now I am going to keep my eye out for good titles. Go ahead, browse around and see if you find anything you like, adding books are greatly appreciated and I will be glad to have some new reads. It only has a few requirements:

[ ] There has to feature some sort of magical rune, spell, potion, curse etc.
[ ] You may add stories as you please but just make sure they fit the group and categories
[ ] If the story does not fit in to any of the categories, put it in the 'other' and suggest in comments that a category be made
[ ] No clop

Please spread the word about this group, the more members we have, the more stories we can pull in. Thank you for your patience everybody.

That's all for now, but Ill be updating the group and categories soon.

[Edit] Sorry, I've been on and off the site for the past year or so but fear not, I haven't forgotten about the wonderful world of pony. I'll be checking in on the group every once and awhile to moderate. Happy reading!


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Sure, just aslong as it follows the above requirements. Ill even make a soul magic folder. Feel free to add it to the group whenever you want.

Have a dragon :moustache:

I have a unique mechanic in one of my stories in addition with a little bit of vampire magic (more coming to both as the story progresses). It is basically soul magic, being able to view who someone is on the inside and if capable, being able to manipulate their personality and magical traits. I've also barely dabbled in my version of alicorn magic, but I am slowly working on it. Think it would count for submission?

I know its kinda empty but hopefully, as I add more stories, more people will join and they would eventually post stories that they found.

Wow, this group is totally empty.

Anyway for those who still remain here, thanks for adding my story.

It has underwent a lot of editing and uploading, so feel free to check it again.

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