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Sweetolebob18 injury · 8:23am Mar 12th, 2021

Sweetolebob18 was a top proof-reader of Tails or Innocence and Tails of Sacrefice. Two months ago, he had a car accident, and now he require 6500 $ for knee operation, which he can't affod.

I can't afford to help myself, but if any of you is capable of assisting him in anyway, I am certain he will be most grateful.

I deeply appologise for using this blog for this kind of message.

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Why you stop update the " tails of sacrefice" ????

Please update

haha I see! I just found it really awesome that in "In sheeps clothing" Chrysalis was a good person who was betrayed for wanting to make nice with ponies lol. and after reading the story was curious who much was cannon. Now knowing (and realizing) it was written by your editior it shoulda gave me a clue XD

Considering that Overwatch belongs to the editor that worked with me on Celestia's Tiny Student, I say that it is canon. I am not helping with his story, though, so to be honest, I am out of touch with the lore he keeps coming up with.

I have a question. Is the story In Sheep's clothing cannon to the Twinyverse? I really hope it is!

  • Viewing 81 - 85 of 85
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