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Small changes · 12:03am June 4th

Greetings everyone.

I just wanted to inform you that after receiving some feedback and talking with my proof-readers, we came to conclusion that Chapter 1 part 1 would serve a much better role as a prologue, while prologue is better as its own chapter that should be introduced a little bit later.

As result. Chapter 1 part 1 is now Prologue.
Chapter 1 part 2 is now chapter 1 part 1.
Prologue is now chapter 1 part 2 ( Hitman and Master )

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Makes sense Twilight would be pretty useless at her current size in human form. Even if her protection spells and strength carried over to the portal, her lack of horn and wings would make her much defenseless. Plus a six inch tall girl at Canterlot High would attract a lot of attention.

My story is as big as it is, so I pass on Equestria Girls.

Hey Just wanted to ask a question. Do you plan on doing any Twiny stories set in the Equestria girls universe? I'm a big fan of them by the way:heart:

That's ok. I had a feeling you knew what you were doing so I have no worries except for little Twilight.

Looking forward to more!

Thanks for your comment.

As for season 1 chapters, I actualy plan on tackling a few ( those I either find most lacking that could be improved, and those that fit my story). Outside of that, I plan to add my own stuff as well.

In terms of Twilight growing up, I am sorry but your predictions are wrong, though I do plan an alternative that may satisfy you (I won't say what it is to avoid spoilers). All I can say is that Twilight will take baby steps in this regard.

Have fun enjoying the story.

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