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A request. · 8:39am August 27th

Hello everyone.

This is unusual of me, but I was asked to spread this message:


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I found out about you from Lost Little Raichu but I only just noticed you wrote the Twiny story so I should've known you before then:twilightoops:

Is the ever changing moon going to continue? Sorry if you answered this question somewhere else, because I'm sure you get it a lot

Two people offered to proof-read it for me, so I took it down for major renovation. I shall reupload it in higher quality and with less mistakes, depending on how long it will take to improve it.

What happened to Exchange of spoons? :fluttercry:


Makes sense Twilight would be pretty useless at her current size in human form. Even if her protection spells and strength carried over to the portal, her lack of horn and wings would make her much defenseless. Plus a six inch tall girl at Canterlot High would attract a lot of attention.

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