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This group is about Soarin the best Wonderbolt all welcome if you have question please feel free to ask Gargoyle or Slowbro95. Slowbro95 has the record for the most story's added to "Soarin and the Wonderbolts" at 439 :scootangel: story's.
If your story is added to this group it was probably Slowbro95.

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Hello to all I am back! :pinkiehappy:

Hi, there everypony, I'm The Goblin. I have taken it upon myself to create a Fleetfoot and the Wonderbolts group.

348307 I'm back bitch!

My fellow Soarindash junkies: I just posted the first chapter of my new Soarindash story:

Piercing the Heavens

the third part of the Soarindash side plot in my timeline :rainbowkiss: Give it a look if you wish :rainbowdetermined2:

To my Fellow Soarindash junkies:

Justfinished the first chapter of my sequel to Head in the Clouds:

Flying Sky-High

give it a look :rainbowkiss:

Oh new pictures

Thanks for adding my story! :pinkiesmile:

....even though I made Soarin the bad guy but ya know whatever

I just noticed my story posted up here and was amazed ^_^

Well I just joined and will check out the other soarin stories out there :pinkiehappy:

i just found out my story was added here.
i send many hugs to whoever put it here because i sure as heck didn't.
also love the group :heart::heart::heart:

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