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Requesting help for chp 32 Zaps Apple Story · 11:29pm Aug 23rd, 2016

Can anyone be able to help me out by proofreading and editing chapter 32 of Zaps Apple please.

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About Me Personally

This is a little about me and the struggles I go through in my life, I like to share this personal problem I have which won't go away because it can never go away. I deal with it and learn to accept my limits when it comes to spelling and grammar, I have asperger's syndrome which makes it very difficult for me on my part to pick up on spelling and grammar hence the reason there is so many mistakes in my stories.

But! On a plus side to this I have a very creative imagination that is endless, I am always imagining so many new things in my mind that I am dreaming almost without end. I have created so many story ideas I lost track of them, I run them through my head seeing it play out through my minds eye in an manner of speaking, some work and some do not.

I had alot of non constructive comments about the continuing issues with my stories to those that read it, when I need help with it being checked out it comes back with things that back to being non constructive for me. Simple lessons on improving my grammar and spelling isn't going to help much since others have tried and there been little improvement.

I accept that I have strength and weaknesses. Everyone does, I will try to improve upon it but I have no idea if there be any results on that. I am happy with who I am and I continue to really try to improve but it might be something that I might never improve much on.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Story Update:

The main reason I haven't posted up any more of my story Zaps Apple is because my friend that now going to edit and proofread it has to catch up with the previous persons work on it and continue it forwards for me.

Black Mirror - Continued work in progress even with no editor or proofreader ^^;

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