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An amalgamation of nice and spice. Writing for fun. Wonderbolts enjoyer. AiE/HiE shitposter.

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I like to write a lot of HiE and random fics. Acclaimed by some as a premiere HiE author. Spitfire is my favorite character, followed by Soarin'. Do not hesitate to drop some high quality Spitfire pics on my profile, I don't mind. :)

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Your Votes Have Been Tallied! · 3:19pm 6 days ago

Thank you everyone who decided to vote for the side fic that will be released alongside the Starlight/Anon fic. Shocked by the amount of people that tossed their ops in, so thank you for all the support!

Looks like we're going to have a cool little release log here, so I'll toggle on and get writing.

July New Fics: Starlight/Anon (approximately 15k+ words for it so far).
Gilda/Anon (winner of the poll btw)

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Hey, I thought you were going to change your pfp again...

Yeah hi so how is your day going so far today and what are you up to today too?

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