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Controversially known for writing about an American Civil War slave in Equestria. Formerly 1234 and Freedom.


Picking the Brain of the Author · 3:14pm Nov 19th, 2020

Got a bit of time to settle for a QnA on my stories. Just to note, I will be tagging Why Do You Speak My Language?! in this blog, since that is the story I am currently focused on, so getting feedback on it is crucial to my development as an author. However, any story that I've written is worthy of discussion (even completed ones).

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About Me

I like to write a lot of HiE and I don't know why. Spitfire is my favorite character, followed by Soarin'. If you don't mind dropping high quality Spitfire pics on my profile, I don't mind. :)

If you like my stories, don't hesitate to drop a follow! I post quite a bit of blogs.

Now, pictures that will most likely piss off mobile users (sorry folks):


So I accidentally deleted Freedom. · 3:59am Mar 24th, 2020

The 205 follower account that was known for what you see above has been deleted. Gone. I had requested account deletion in 2019 because I was extremely down and not really wanting to write on the site anymore. Then I came back, and wrote a ton more. Started to really like this whole gig again, and completely forgot I had even requested deletion.

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Report Soaring · 630 views · #Freedom #AccountDeleted #RIP
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I'm not in any legal trouble, that's just where I work. They just have a bad habit of handing down half a year's worth of decisions in a single month.

Thanks, and yeah I hope to be 'back' soon. I just need to not feel so tired after staring at a monitor for the whole day.

Uh oh. That doesn't sound like fun. Hope everything goes well for you.

Good to see you back in the saddle at least. Hope things work out for you!

I'm a bit tired myself, though that's mostly the fault of the California Court of Appeal.

*pokes back*

I'm here, just in the busiest season for work lmao. Summer's coming and it's here to deck me in the face.

It's not really going to do that, but I'm busy most of the time, and tired the rest.

*pokes with a stick*

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