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new chapter question · 3:34am Aug 5th, 2015

So, new chaoter is over 4K words. It's a rather important chapter in my opinion and I won't release it until it's done with edition.

So a few days before it's released.

Meanwhile, I plan on releasing it's title.

Who would like me to tell you guys what the title is? It's rather revealing.

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New chapter teaser. (Spoilers ahead) · 4:18pm Aug 4th, 2015

Alright guys, for what I've seen so far many of you have been expecting and wanting this in my story for a while now so... if you don't want to read this you can skip this blog, but I'm just gonna say this is going to be a major event on this story.


The smell of roasted meat filled the night air.

Lieutenant Darius, from the griffon army, inspected the small camp he and his troops had. His stomach rumbled, yet he remained where he was.

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Chapter 31 teaser · 3:30pm Jul 31st, 2015

So, I've been updating the story more than normal lately, and I don't plan to stop that. It's refreshing to write so much (and distracting, but that doesn't matter :derpytongue2: )

Chaoter 30 is next. It's done and I'm just waiting for my editors to finish it. Meanwhile, have an unedited teaser...


"General!" he saluted. Davis looked at him.

"Yes Steel?"

The pony smiled happily. "They're done! The pegasi guns are finished."

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HiE and Things · 5:28am Jun 7th, 2015

Hello there, I just thought I'd put some of my thoughts on writing cause they're on my mind at the moment. Hope I don't waste your time, but my friend isn't on Skype so I'm just gonna bother y'all.

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Good HIE Stream Tonight With Yours Truly · 3:58pm May 20th, 2016

So the fine folks over at the Good HIE List have decided to invite your truly onto their podcast/livestream/let's play/radio talk show tonight for some discussions and talking and all around fun times.

There's also some schmuck called Rob on there as well, but you can ignore him since he never wrote anything popular.

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Short Hand: The Trigger · 1:41am Oct 21st, 2020

I am thinking of Shepherd having his own crazy button. Much like the rest of the Mane 6. One button that once pressed and now that his main issues are solved, he's bound to go a bit... Nuts.

Celestia: "You see, much of the world is unexplored still. There are reaches of the planet that are unknown to us. And indeed, you might need to go out into the world and go on-"

Shepherd: "Ad... Adventures?"

Celestia: smiles "Yes."

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Short Hand: Grand Galloping Gala 1 · 9:47pm Oct 25th, 2020

Shepherd is checking through his mail.

Shepherd: "Let's see... Junk, junk, junk, junk, junk... Charity request... Junk... Junk... Charity request... Eh? Ticket?"

He opens the gold pressed envelope and pulls out a golden ticket and a letter.

Shepherd: "Let's see... 'Dear Ser Shepherd, you are cordially invited to the Grand Galloping Gala. Here is a ticket. You are encouraged to have an escort-.' Ugh. High society ball?"

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Short Hand: Dash Does Romance 2 · 7:34pm Aug 26th, 2020

Shepherd is just chilling out in between jobs when Rainbow Dash crashes right in front of him.

Shepherd: "Holy crap! Dash, you okay?"

Dash: "Urgh... I'm fine! Takes more than that to really hurt me!"

She struggles a bit, and winces as she takes a step.

Dash: "Nngh!"

Shepherd: "You look like you're hurt."

Dash: "I am not hurt! Hrgh!"

Shepherd: *sighs, grabs her and checks her hoof* "Hang on... Okay. It doesn't feel broken, just bruised."

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97 is set for release! · 8:25pm May 12th

So, chapter 97 is set for release and it's a big one. It will jump around a bit, as a lot will be revealed in this chapter. However, it's still looking like there won't be any art for it, which is a bummer. However, the content alone I think will make up for it. Expect some big revelations and dramatic turns, though I apologize that part of will be a little dry, but is necessary to actually explain why Chapter

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Gilchrist : Welcome to Ponyville (Sneak Peak) · 1:44am Sep 16th, 2017

Impossible! Omega thought, yet he could not deny it. Wherever Alpha had gone, it was somewhere he could not see. If anyone of us was supposed to survive… It should’ve been Alpha. Am I all that remains? And then he stopped falling. Omega rested in a dark, cold place. Something reached out to him, something strong and cold. Its touch seemed to beckon to him, and he unwillingly opened up to it. Like a book, he could feel himself being read without his consent, and yet he felt no need

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Short Hand: Blue Apples 2 · 4:07pm Sep 12th, 2020

Shepherd: "I mean Blueblood, there are worse ways to try and woo the one you love."

Blueblood: "Oh?"

Shepherd: "I mean it's not like you traveled to Sweet Apple Acres and tried to act like a hillbilly to get her favor."

Blueblood: *laughing uncomfortably* "Of course! Alabama! What kind of fool do you think I am?"

Princess Celestia enters, her face threatening to break into a grin.

Celestia: "Dear Nephew... Are you feeling all right?"

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Short Hand: Mysterious Mare-Do-Well · 4:40am Sep 30th, 2020

- - -

After the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well incident, Shepherd is scolding Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rarity.

Shepherd: "Okay... Seriously girls? You staged this elaborate hoax just to take Rainbow Dash down a peg? Come on!"

Twilight: "Well, I mean, it wasn't just that. We did save the town several times!"

Shepherd: scowl

Applejack: "And we did save a lot of folks from death!"

Shepherd: scowl

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I'm in a podcast again · 11:02pm Mar 25th, 2016

God, I'm so predictable now.

Some see the Good HIE guys, me, priest, and some very special guests here:


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The Stars Revolt: With Apologies to Mr. Python · 5:46pm Feb 24th, 2020

Andrew Shepherd, sole human in Equestria, was doing some work on a mare's boiler when the Cutie Mark Crusaders trooped up with a question. He looked over at them with a raised eyebrow.

Shepherd: "Huh? What do you mean 'who raises and lowers the sun on my world'?"

Applebloom: "Well, who does?"

Scootaloo: "We have a school report due on the Princesses, and so we thought maybe writing about alien princesses would get us an A!"

Sweetie Belle: "Which we really need!"

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The Stars Revolt: Bouncing Baby 1 · 5:06pm Feb 26th, 2020

Andrew Shepherd, the only human in Equestria, was sitting at an outdoor cafe waiting for his marefriend to trot up. And trot up she did, looking nervous and anxious and worried.

Shepherd: "Hm? Twilight, what's wrong?"

Twilight: "Um... Er... Remember when I said that our species were incompatible and we couldn't conceive?"

Shepherd: "... Yes?"

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Short Hand: Blue Apples · 7:02pm Sep 10th, 2020

Blueblood: "Shepherd."

Shepherd: "Blueblood! What's up, mah stallion?"

Blueblood: long, tired sigh "Please, don't."

Shepherd: "Wow. This is serious. What's up? Is it war?"

Blueblood: "No. I dare say it is far worse than a mere war."

Shepherd: "So, what is it?"

Blueblood: "..." sigh "I'm in love."

Shepherd: "... Ummm-"

Blueblood: "Not with you."

Shepherd: "Oh thank God."

Blueblood: "But rather, with the Lady Ponyville. And I need your help."

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It's released! · 2:30am Jan 2nd, 2018

The new protector book has been released and I think you guys are gonna like this one. This book will have to be long with how many questions have to be answered also it's a little more descriptive on what is going on! Let me know what you guys think of the chapters released so far.


Short Hand: SMILE-3586 · 5:49pm Aug 20th, 2020

S.M.I.L.E.-3586: "The Human"

Item Number: 3586

Object Class: Euclid Keter, pending reclassification to Thaumiel

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Short Hand: The Cutie Mark Crusaders 1 · 10:53pm Aug 29th, 2020

Applebloom: "So Shepherd, what's your cutie mark?"

Shepherd: "Huh? I don't have one."


Applebloom: "Ya mean... ya don't have one?"

Scootaloo: "At all?!"

Sweetie Belle: "Not even a little one?"

Shepherd: "Nope. Humans don't have cutie marks. Never have."

Applebloom: "So that means..."


Shepherd: "No I'm not. I don't want a cutie mark, girls."

Applebloom: "Wha... You don't?!"

Shepherd: "Nope."

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Short Hand: Magic Duel · 2:29pm Nov 17th, 2020

Trixie: "The Great and Powerful Trixie challenges you to a magical duel, Twilight Sparkle! Loser must leave the town: Forever!"

Shepherd: "Or else what?"

Trixie: "I'll burn this town to the ground!"

Shepherd: "Well, I think she's a clear and present danger." Pulls out his shotgun

Twilight: "SHEPHERD!"

Shepherd: "What?! I have rock salt rounds!"

Twilight: "This is a delicate situation... Let me duel her. I'll handle this, okay?"

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