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22 year old Mexican music composer. Writes fanfics on the side. Part time Brony, recently discovered a love for anime (breaking my belief that I’d never fall down that hole...)

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    New avatar

    Commissioned him yesterday. Had to post it :pinkiehappy:

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    ...it’s 2019...


    I’ve been a member since 2013.
    My last update on my stories was may 2016.
    It’s 2019.

    Time for an update.

    Of a German and American soldier in equestria... I’m currently getting my thoughts clear on it in order to continue. Apologies for the delays and there’s a good reason for that! (Not really).

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    I'm in Germaney :P

    Yeah, bad pun.

    Still, I'm loving this place!!! I love the language, the people is awesome, the history... I'm stayin here for a month. Hopefully I'll have time to write, but I'm currently in a german and history class for a month here in germany so I'm not sure if I'll have time at all.

    I really want to learn german as much as I can though.

    Well, that is all.


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    Have some chill...

    New thing I did today. My GF borrowed me her keyboard, which happens to have MIDI controller as well. So I worked out some things and voila! I did this. Wanna chill? I think this might help:

    Sorry for no episodes lately. I'm trying to polish a little the stories.

    Also, this mix was based off of a fanfic. Check it out:

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    I knew it wasn't going to be long before someone did something like this!

    Eeyup. After last episode yesterday I knew it! I'm tempted to do something myself :twilightsheepish:

    Have some twilight-based remix:

    Aaaaand yeah...

    I laughed soe hard on that part of the episode! :rainbowlaugh:

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Chapter 31 teaser · 3:30pm Jul 31st, 2015

So, I've been updating the story more than normal lately, and I don't plan to stop that. It's refreshing to write so much (and distracting, but that doesn't matter :derpytongue2: )

Chaoter 30 is next. It's done and I'm just waiting for my editors to finish it. Meanwhile, have an unedited teaser...


"General!" he saluted. Davis looked at him.

"Yes Steel?"

The pony smiled happily. "They're done! The pegasi guns are finished."

Davis looked around to make sure nopony had heard.

"Let's discuss this in the forge." The two walked away.

Soon, the two were inside Tempered Steel's forge, surrounded by the guns he had worked on.

"I modified it a little from the original version, since the magic that I needed had a few problems when used with the original model..." The smithy passed him a long and thin rifle. It looked like his own, only that when he picked it up, he got unbalanced since he was awaiting the normal weight of a gun that size. He stared surprised at the almost weightless artifact he now had on his hands.

Tempered Steel smiled at his expression of surprise.

"It uses a similar kind of magic to that of which the pegasi' wing blades. It makes the metal used on it weigh like a feather, though this design made it weigh a little more." He took another one he had beside him. "You can see here the trigger," he said, pointing at the usual part of the rifle where Davis was used to seeing it. "It has a special variation from yours that allows a pegasus pony to hold it up front and be able to fire. The trigger is moved in a specific angle so that the wielder's hooves can press it both at the same time. Then behind it is a type of sucking strap that lets the wielder put it on without much of a waste of time and allowing it to be firm on the hoof the pony prefers. Then when he want to take it off, he or she can simply pull it off and it will come off without problem.

Davis smiled. "Magic."

The smithy nodded. "Yes, it is magic." He placed the three models, each designed for each different pony. "I have ten for earth ponies, six for unicorns and five for pegasi. I've made two thousand bullets, so approximately a hundred shots per gun. Hopefully that'll be enough for the first attack?" he questioned.

Davis thought on at for a moment. Yes, he wasn't going to use his trained ponies on something more than snipers and air support. If all went well, he was going to end up using only the pegasi and the unicorns, since the unicorns had turned out to have better aim at long distances. Earth ponies were much better at a closer combat, or so he had ended up concluding after finishing basic gun training with the ponies he had rounded up for the team. The pegasi gave a large advantage because they could fly.

"I don't think we'll need more than that, thank you Steel," he said. He had a light smile the whole time. "With this we will get the upper hand on the next battles."


Let me know what you guys think!

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