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I write bad AiE stories. No. Seriously, they're terrible. If you can't laugh at vomit, blood, and exploding testicles, don't read my work. It's safer that way.

Stuff that's good and you should read.

  • A Rainy Day's Date Teen Cadance and Anonymous have been dating for almost a month now and they finally have a day to themselves. When the weather doesn't agree with their plans, they decide to do the best thing to do on a rainy day. Cuddle and take a Nap. by Flutterpriest 3,036 words · 7,060 views · 310 likes · 20 dislikes
  • Moonie shorts [Filly Nightmare Moon] A series of short stories about a filly Nightmare Moon, nicknamed Moonie, and her father figure/guardian Anonymous the human. by Eighth 78,088 words · 9,572 views · 1,010 likes · 38 dislikes
  • Hunger Pains There's more to the Changeling invasion than the ponies know. With this knowledge, you, Anonymous, will bring them to an age of prosperity. by Bolding 2,444 words · 5,399 views · 616 likes · 64 dislikes

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You're all the reason I'm drunk.

Hi there, I'm anonpencil.

Well, let's start out on the right foot, shall we?
Let me just ask you: Why. The hell. Are you here.
Really. What are you even doing on my page? You read the warnings, you've seen my stories, you know that no good or personal growth can come from here. I can only conclude that there is something severely wrong with you for reading my work and checking out my page. Seek help. I mean...I wrote all this, so there's something wrong with me too. I guess we're both terrible people.
I'm also drunk.
If I'm ever not drunk, you should be surprised and maybe distressed.
You should join me though. Drinks are best when shared. Especially if you're going to read my work.

And thanks for reading and stuff I guess.

You can read all my shit in full and unedited here:
Anonpencil's Pastebin
I am moderately sorry.


Shortskirtsandexplosionsholyshitisonourpodcastcomewatch!!! · 11:20pm Last Friday

It's happening. Skirts is going to be interviewed today on the Barcast! Come drink and watch as we make this kinda really well known popular writer miserable. I hope he doesn't hate us by the time he is done.
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mikesnipe


My Favorites

Serious Stories

  • Open-Heart Operation Nurse Redheart really deserves a nice romantic date for such a special occasion. Too bad things aren't quite as perfect as planned. by anonpencil 7,289 words · 4,014 views · 298 likes · 13 dislikes
  • When The Bough Breaks When tragedy strikes, everyone has a different way of reacting and dealing with their grief. But Cadance is all too aware that, as a princess, her duties must come before her own personal feelings of sadness. by anonpencil 10,190 words · 1,325 views · 81 likes · 5 dislikes
  • The Run You've been noticing a lingering shadow following you, and it's driving you to the brink of madness. It's almost like this strange being wants to remind you of something that you've worked hard to forget... by anonpencil 4,090 words · 2,840 views · 137 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Always Here After a long hard day of work, nothing feels quite as good as coming home, especially when you have a friend there waiting. But should staying at home really feel so... addictive? by anonpencil 2,621 words · 2,750 views · 209 likes · 10 dislikes

Berry Punch's Broken Love

  • I Am Sick Berry Punch is sick again. As her health declines, she has trouble finding any sense of peace or balance in her life. Even the one she loves can bring little comfort, though he's certainly not going to stop trying. by anonpencil 2,932 words · 621 views · 72 likes · 1 dislikes

Newest things I am moderately sorry to have created

I helped write or edit this shit.

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