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We support stories. Stories about ponies that aren't actually ponies but rather not-ponies that impersonate ponies as other ponies while being not-ponies but possibly not knowing they are not-ponies and not ponies while interacting with ponies until they leave the ponies to live with not-ponies at the not-pony hive away from pony contact with ponies. Stories also known as X Becomes/Is a Changeling Stories. Join our ranks and thrive.


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Um I'm writing one where the changeling is named Princess Butterfly try to guess who the changeling is

Since we are on the topic; Changelings. I guess I need to be here.

Depending on the exact definition, I may have a story with Pinkie Pie.
She is becoming the Queen of a Changeling Hive.

There are several separate notions throughout the show supporting her in the role.
The first I can recall is in "Too Many Pinkie Pie", where she apparently change her appearence.

On another note, she does use both flight and magic, so unless she is an Alicorn?

She seems to be the perfect support of a Hive, considering how she reacts on certain things, all they need to do is to smile.
Then she would love them for beeing happy for her.


Hi! I've been looking for a story for quite a while now, and maybe you can help.
So it starts out with Twilight going to see Celestia after finding out one of her friends (I don't remember which) is a changeling. She is very upset, and Celestia is basically "Yes she is. And?" So after a bit we find out that everypony (and I mean everypony) is a changeling. Then we find out that only Twilight is a pony, and so is Blueblood.

I think it's a comedy. I forgot to fave it, and I've been looking for a while now. Anyone help?

I meant from a satirical perspective.

Edit: perhaps chrysalys was a mutant, and mormal changeling queens are shaped like baby dragons?


Meh. Your choice. Personally, I like changeling twilight stories. For some reason she reminds me of the queen of blades from starcraft.

361292 I still want to read a "you are a changeling queen, spike" fic.


Good point...which might be another reason the changelings' most important leader disguised as cadence; the rest are too small. I guess its just spike is an unsung hero in the mlp world; a humdrum at heart.

361287 They can only turn into things of their size. Turning into spike would be fine, as he's smaller than a pony.


He's a pony. Changelings can only tuen into ponies, otherwise they'de all turn into dragons and take equestria.


This group is kinda quiet with the last post being 8 weeks old and all...

Oh well, I joined and hope to be welcome here among the changeling fans here. I added a story under the Rainbow Dash folder that will hopefully meet y'alls approval. I found The Irony of Applejack through y'all and hope to return the favor by making a (hopefully) good contribution to the group.

I have absolutely no idea what happened, but it probably had something to do with fandom drama.

Now let's petition to get UN Refugee status.

351196 That's meeeeeeeeee!:pinkiehappy:

Me- Oh hey, the group got deleted :raritycry:, *sees thread in 'transformations'* :derpytongue2: Yay! *joins*

Half an hour later...

Me- Lemme chech my fimfic account, *looks at feed* :rainbowderp: *Clicks* :ajbemused: 85 stories added to this group

(update) aaaaand the numbers are slowly rising

Sad to see it had to happen, glad to see it did.

I've got the 6-months-old files written up on a file, and posted the names of the old folders in the newest of the 2 threads. Once those are up... it's adding time!

Well, I didn't know about it until today, but I'm glad that the ones I like I'm watching, as well as my own. It's sad to see the old group go, but may this group last as long as there are Changeling lovers! Regardless of whether or not the founder likes the fandom!

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