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(Taking suggestions for description and banner)

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Also, music.

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Anyone need a song about changeling going to war that sounds awesome

vinyl drop the beat

It's not a story the Elements would tell you. #prequelmemes

Anyone know what happened to the story The Tragedy of Queen Chrysalis?

For the Empire.

401862 Interesting. One of my characters is actually a vampony who, sort of, turns into a changeling after drinking blood from one...

For those who are artists I need help!

hi! I am doing a Adopt a Human type of fanfiction. I am spreading myself from others who do these types who makes the Hero adopt them. I am going to make a Fanfiction where Queen Chrysalis adopts a human child named Michael. I need a cover art. My story is called Her Love Warrior.

The cover art I was hoping for was Queen Chrysalis to be cuddling next to Michael with her horn glowing to illuminate the darkness, maybe her hoove wrapped around his tummy pulling him close to her or maybe a wing wrapped around him.

Michael I need to look like is Blonde hair, small form, bare feet, white t-shirt and brown shorts, blue eyes. Please I really need help!

I have a half changeling character called Arachne. I'm gonna write her backstory after I finish the one I have planned for Cortina.

Can someone help me write a story?

hi i was wondering how i can post a story, so i create a new thread or something? sorry im new here X3

ok, I guess I need be here, since it is a place for Changelings.

I've been enjoying writing about Changelings for a while.

Hope the stories will be enjoyed.

Anything I need to consider when posting stories here?

speaking as the nub of the group, love the music.

340642 haha yeah, we can't FaceTime tho. Got some shit Internet in certain places of Oregon. Hugh's net if your wondering. Damn you made me remember Skype. Long as time ago when I made that ( Skype name is xXHUXxSunshinexX)

339100 Sure, why not?

(hey, you got skype?)

Haha not if I can help it. I have a request tho. Think you could add an anthro folder

338532 You should feel special. I only crap my pants on a semi regular basis!:pinkiesmile:

>joins group six days ago
>reads comment
>feels special for making you shit your pants

>comes onto fimfic
>remembers old group he made
>checks on group
>sees number of members
>shits pants

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