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CHANGELING'S!!! any thing changeling related is welcome and if you have an idea for a folder then don't be shy.

free hug's to everyone.

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I write anthro clop. XD I actually have an anthro changeling romance fic! But... It's kinda in the middle of a re-write.

391551 Anthro's amazing


You know it! Anthros are best!

391509 yes I am. are you?


:pinkiegasp: You're a furry too?

391455 I am a black belt in taekwondo, I wold read day and night if the thing I am reading is that long, I love to RP with people, I talk to my self a lot, and a horrible speller, I am also a furry.

qamar is a second personality and he likes pancakes.


Write romance and clop fictions. :pinkiecrazy: I also draw really well. I'm a mechanic. I Role Play with friends. I read like Twilight when it comes to certain things.

In all honesty, I sometimes get so board and stir-crazy that I end up doing something random, only find out I suddenly have a new talent.

391450 so if you are a changeling what is your favorite thing to do?


Absolutely yeparunny! :pinkiecrazy:

so you are a changeling?

I'm coming clean! I'm a changeling!

200!! we thank you for becoming members and I think it is party time. even though it is a little late.

4 more to go until 200 and then we party!

You can still RP, but only in PMs, as doing so in comments, which is public, causes significant lag on the page.

371953 I guess that made some sense at least.
I would prefer to get the full notification feature back over the RP any day, even if I guess I could see minimal use of the RP for inspirational purposes.

The amount of lag it causes on the page is why RPing in comments is banned in all but PMs, as those are private, unlike comments, which are public.

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