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Violet Sky

I'm totally not a mutant changeling.

I write anthro ponies. Deal with it.

Ever since I screwed up my sketching hand, I've been working on my writing skills to keep my artistic skills in tip-top shape. I was a furry sketch artist when it had happened, so once I got into mlp and mlp fictions, I've been writing nothing but anthro clops and romances, along with the occasional dark story. All of my stories have a sort of anime base because my art style worked well with anime, so I learned how to use it in my writing. My first ever fiction was an alicorn fic and I wasn't prepared for the level of hate that was dished out. Normally I can deal with it, but... It was my personal OC ponyfication and it made me sad. It was my first traditional pony fic too, so it didn't go over well to begin with.

Anywho... That's some info about me and... DERPY IS BEST PONY! DEAL WITH IT!

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I've just now caught up

Thanks for the favorite on The Ties that Bind. Hopefully you've enjoyed the story so far despite the rather slow updates nowadays. :twilightsheepish:

To be fair, I'm not that used to write the M!Six either, so I guess it balances out? Either way, I hope you get a good time out of reading it as much as I got out of writing.

I'm enjoying it, but I'm taking a break from it at the moment. I don't usually read the stories where the main character makes nice with the mane six, especially Trixie. I typically like it when the mane six are the background ponies. That you made something interesting enough to draw me in like that is kinda cool.

Hey, thanks for reading Actually, I'm Dead, glad you liked it. Since I'm always interested in my readers' opinions, I would like to know yours too.

Have a Bowie's thumbs up.

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