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ONE MORE CHAPTER! · 1:10pm Dec 28th, 2020

Dear lord, shoot me in the face.

All the years I've been writing this and I say to myself "Yeah, gonna finish it tonight!" then the characters get to talking. Talking. Just back and forth. GRAH!

Anyway, I want ya'll to know I am not dead. I've sent the latest chapter to our dear friends, the editors, who've stayed with me through this hideously long hall. The last couple months have obviously been the months from Hell for...everyone.

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I'll start small, methinks. One ship, one crew, one planet. Earth going bonkers. Two or three people in an extremely weird, seemingly hostile series of environments. I promise, it'll be fun. Just need to think of an ending and some villains.


I don't write anymore. Well... I kinda do, but nothing like I used to. I have a LOT of unfinished work on a cloud. I think my problem is thinking too small. However, I think you might be thinking a bit too big.

Think about it like this. Perhaps the story where it "eats" Earth as a one-shot sequel, like the Nightmare Night thing for Starlight. (I may hate humans being in the mlp universe, but I swear I'm not being biast) Scale it down some, but not much. Start with the worlds that are already inside and familiar with their setup. Build it in my head like you built Detrot. Start with the tired eyes that have seen too much already and a duty they can't ignore. Work with what you've proven to be good at.

Most of these are an excuse to do what I do with Starlight - Massive, unusual characterization and world-building. I love exploring warped psychologies and taking things that're recognizable and making them weird. 'Scale' is also one of my favorite concepts to play with. Thinking on a truly massive scale leaves room for basically infinite small stories.

As to the Dyson Sphere, I figured the story might involve the sphere coming to eat the Sun and stranding Earth inside the sphere, confused, very upset, and suddenly finding themselves no-longer the only fish in the pond. I figured it could be about a small group of inner-stellar explorers whose job is to hop from planet to planet, figuring *out* what the Dyson Sphere is for. Ultimately, it comes out that the sphere's purpose is to preserve intelligent life against the collapse of galaxies and ultimately, the cosmos itself. There are apparently lots of these spheres, built by some progenitor race, wandering around the universe, snatching stars and picking up intelligent life.


I see you're attached to that third one. I kinda like the sound of it, but I've noticed the more sci-fi aspects you seem to be able to wrap my mind in a lasso and pull me deeper. The Dyson Sphere sounds just as promising, but it seems hellaciaously massive and a daunting thing to try to write.

I'm curious about your ideas with it though. Like... what's its purpose? Is it a political story? An orphaned adventurer that thinks the grass is greener on another planet? An aspiring fighter pilot destined to protect the sphere? A wanted interplanetary drug dealer? A rich gryphon chick caught in the wrong place at the wrong time? The star that powers the sphere is dying? Ooh, you left me so much to think about!

Well, lemme think.

A story set on a Dyson Sphere which contains about twelve planets, all of which support intelligent life of different varieties. Basically, this Dyson Sphere eats stars for fuel and preserves the intelligent life that lives on the surrounding planets.

An 'after the Apocalypse' horror story about a group who come 'out of the bunker' to discover the world scoured by cosmic evils (Think C'thulhu level elder-gods) who somehow missed them and left behind a whole heap of warping influences. A survival story as they rebuild society.

A goofy lesbian romance about a girl who finds a book that contains an ancient deity. The ancient deity lost her lover when the universe they were vacationing in collapsed and she couldn't take the sadness, so she suspended herself in a book. It's funny, it's kinda sad, and it's got potential.


  • Viewing 75 - 79 of 79
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