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A print run of Starlight Over Detrot? · 8:37am Aug 12th, 2021

So, the Ministry Of Image printing house has a new survey up! Can you guess who is on it?


I am absurdly excited. I doubt we'll get printed, but it would be amazing if we did! I would love to hold a copy of Starlight Over Detrot in my hands one day.

It would help if you could toss a vote on this for Starlight!


Current Release Schedule

9/20/2013: Starlight Over Detrot, Act 2, Ch9
10/04/2013: Starlight Over Detrot, Act 2, Ch10
10/18/2013: Starlight Over Detrot, Act 2, Ch11

Releases tend to go out every two weeks on Friday, by the evenings.

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Conceptually? Yes, I've thought of it. Practicably? Much as I would like to, it's double the length of the Bible. It's longer than Lord Of The Rings. It's only slightly shorter than the entire Song Of Ice And Fire series *combined*.

The logistics, editing, and pricing would be bonkers on a messy work this size. It would need a proper editing pass. I almost never edited and the editors were only correcting grammar and fixing punctuation. They didn't alter language choice or anything like that and honestly, it could use that. That being said, it's just too much.

- Chessie

Hey Chessie, have you considered the idea of organizing a print of Starlight yourself via a Kickstarter or something funded by fans of the story? Taking Changeling Space Program's print ran by Kris as a recent example, it was a massive success and Starlight could receive a similar amount of support for a quality printing of the whole story.


Life got a little complicated. I would love to stop and write, but I had to start a business. I'm still finding a balance so I can have spare time.

- Chessie

So any news on your original romance story you were working on? Or epilogue 4 for Starlight over Detrot?

I did finish it! At last!


  • Viewing 90 - 94 of 94
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