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Well...fuck. Hurricanes suck. · 10:27pm September 5th


One of my partner's mothers is in Florida. If you have lately watched the news, you'll know why that's bad. Worse, she's in Del Ray Beach, which is going to take the brunt of the storm. Even worse, she's a fluffy, disorganized, emotional marshmallow with type 2 diabetes who bought a bunch of pudding cups and granola bars yesterday. She has a two day supply of water, and hasn't so much as boarded up her apartment's windows.

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Still need to read Starlight even though it was one of the first stories I put in my read it later list...

2418292 Huh...uh, sure? Why not? That's neat!


I'm sorry to hear about your torments...

I don't know if this helps or hurts, but I have a Google Doc folder full of your sorted and fully edited works. (You still have an issue auth let's-lets.)

Um. Would you like to see?

congrats on getting a Seattle's Angels feature!

Have another (Infamous) Chessie cat!

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