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Amaranth and the Mountain update · 11:23pm Jan 21st, 2018

So last night I completed transcribing the first draft of Amaranth and the Mountain. For those of you who remember, about 1/3 of the way through the book I started doing all my writing by hand, which is a time consuming method for writing but one that I felt was well worth it. Now that it's complete, I have some actual facts and figures for you guys: work on the first chapter began on March 23rd 2014 (a few months after the first draft of Planet Hell was completed), and work on didn't

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Thank you! I currently don't have any plans to write any more fan fiction for the moment, I do have some original fiction in the pipes I hope to get published in the not too distant future. I'll weigh and consider what I can do with the series, and if I want to return to it, once I get the first draft of Amaranth and the Mountain done.

I read both of your stories. I do hope you continue them, youve got the start of an awesome universe going on here!


Keep up the good work!

I'm counting down the days.

Excited for the return of Twin Peaks?

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