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Just a german pony, trying his hooves on fictional writing.

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My policy on Favs and Watching

A few words on my m/o regarding Favs and Watching...

I'm a bit picky about reading incomplete stories - I'm weird like that.

This is how I approach any incomplete story that gains my attention:

I favourite your story and check on the mail notifications as well.

For the most of these stories I activate the watching tool as well, to track the progress.

As soon as your story is marked as complete I will download it, remove the fav and watch.
(That way I don't need to sift through my favourites only to find the completed, unread stories. If it's in there and completed, its unread - easy!)
Next it is transferred to my Kindle Kobo Glo because I can't get comfortable enough infront of my computer to enjoy reading anything longer than 1000 words.

On 100% of the stories I read I will leave a comment, if I see fit I try to provide you with feedback.

I do not read in any particular order, so it could take a while for me to get around your story. Some stories might get preferential treatment.

Since there is no way to mark all chapters as read I won't do anything about that. I don't care about the amount of chapter views and so should you. There is no useful information that can be deducted from this.
If I had a good time reading your story, I will up vote it.

If your story managed to impress me I will add your User page to my watch list. This is where I try to assemble my personal choice of reliable sources for entertainment, so be proud!

Instead of down voting your story, I move on because I have no interest in hurting anyone who has potentially put much work into a story. I will leave an honest comment and I am willing to constructively discuss my opinion with any author.

Now that you read this, you know that there is no need to thank me for my fav through pm or comment.

//June 2014 - Updated: Changed reading device, got rid of a typo and changed the phrasing to more accurately represent my workflow.

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Thank you for the favorite, I read your policy and think it's a great idea! I look forward to hearing from you when I'm done. If you want to leave feedback that is. :twilightblush:

Thanks for the fave! :pinkiehappy:

Much thanks for adding Lunacy of Love to your favorites! Follow me also! It inspires me to quicken my quill! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave on The Luna Cypher! :twilightsmile:

Thanjks for your fave on The Mare in the High Castle!

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