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/Hey guys/ We need a raid/ Everyone else has raids/ The Hive laughs at us/ They have two raids/ Guardians play with Hive all the time/ They never come to Mars to hang out anymore/ Our raid could be awesome/ With tanks/ Explosions/ Beer/ Maybe hard cider/ Cabal raid/ This needs to happen/


Copying Because I Am Busy and/or Lazy · 3:20am November 12th

Hello all, I have an announcement to make that's less than ideal but is necessary. After discussing things with the rest of the BV staff, we have come to the decision to push back the release of The Golden Age of Apocalypse Book III. The reason for that takes a little explaining. Although Book 3 is already written, massive changes were made to the story during the production of Book II, Synchronicity, and as a result, everything that we'd written for Book 3 is going to need some

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Very nice touch to the story. The bit with Discord/Fluttershy (where does one begin and one end?) was a definitely unique touch and something I have to admit wouldn't have come into my mind. Very good.

Happy to see you completed my story. Would love to know what you thought! :raritystarry:

Good to know, thanks

holy is safe discord sever on barcast got hold of his real name and ems and police did a welfare check and the parents are there

Thanks for the fav! :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 493 - 497 of 497
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