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/Hey guys/ We need a raid/ Everyone else has raids/ The Hive laughs at us/ They have two raids/ Guardians play with Hive all the time/ They never come to Mars to hang out anymore/ Our raid could be awesome/ With tanks/ Explosions/ Beer/ Maybe hard cider/ Cabal raid/ This needs to happen/


And she finally shows up. · 5:53am Dec 25th, 2023

thanks to Blue, a certain individual has breached the Fourth Wall.

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I figured it wouldn't be. It's an awesome story! Take as long as you need though.

HSW isn't going to be cancelled anytime soon. It's just that a lot of real life has caught up with me and so my writing output here isn't as voluminous as it used to be (mainly as I'm working on original stories and such.) But I still have plans for HSW, so no fear.

I don't think my heart could take it if "He. She. We." got cancelled. Not saying it will. Just saying it has firmly rooted itself in a tqngle of my heartstrings, among other stories I'll love for fricking ever.

  • Viewing 489 - 493 of 493
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