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/Hey guys/ We need a raid/ Everyone else has raids/ The Hive laughs at us/ They have two raids/ Guardians play with Hive all the time/ They never come to Mars to hang out anymore/ Our raid could be awesome/ With tanks/ Explosions/ Beer/ Maybe hard cider/ Cabal raid/ This needs to happen/


Wait - Book FIVE? · 3:28am April 8th

Yes, Book V.

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Any idea when the next chapter of 7DSJ Book 4 is due out?

Thanks for the Watch, Shin. I really appreciate it.

2558308 Oh?

I look forward to whatever you may have in store for us with much anticipation!

I'm also anxious to see what happens next in the next chapter of 7DSJ Book 4.

Well, other than a certain demon getting her cocky butt royally kicked, that is.

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