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/Hey guys/ We need a raid/ Everyone else has raids/ The Hive laughs at us/ They have two raids/ Guardians play with Hive all the time/ They never come to Mars to hang out anymore/ Our raid could be awesome/ With tanks/ Explosions/ Beer/ Maybe hard cider/ Cabal raid/ This needs to happen/


Public Service Announcement: · 9:32pm November 22nd

Do not eat the Tofurky.

Seriously: if you are a decent human being, do not eat the Tofurky.

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Read. And read some more. Also read more.

I don't usually see people with Read it Later shelves that small!

What's your secret? Asking for a friend. :fluttershysad:

And you, too, brah. Semper Fi!

Just keep up the good work.
(Heh, autocorrect.)

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