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With less to do during lockdown I decided to turn my hand to the TCB to see if I could write a fic that avoids all the stereotypical tropes and pitfalls associated with the TCB setting and also make a compelling, interesting story that's less black and white and more shades of grey

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2031269 I might do, it depends on what I do for my next fic, got a few ideas rolling around for some different stuff, I might do one showing how they got together at some point. If I do more works in the same 'universe' so to speak they'll pop up as a couple from time to time and Bright Starr will probably stop by the Ponyville to visit Rarity and Fluttershy every so often too, and hit the Spa

I loved your fic about Bright Starr. I'd love to read more about her, maybe some Bulk x Bright romance?

Thank you for the favorite on Put Out the Light! Glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

Yup, those are mine too! Thanks for Faving The Silent Shore and Dear Idiot. I really appreciate the Watch too, and I'll try to keep deserving it!:twilightsheepish:

136555 You're quite welcome, I really liked it, don't see too many historical works on here. Hope the reenactment went well, I just realized you wrote Dear Idiot and The Silent Shore which is one of my favorite MLP fics

  • Viewing 4 - 8 of 8
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