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A rank amateur taking orders from a senile old mare

The Only Stuff I Write

I've written some RGRE comedy greentexts that can be found here
Take a peek! If you want.

Massive shout out to NigNogs, Andromailus, Mkogwheel, and Anonymous for the art.


Small Long and Short of it bit · 11:05pm March 7th

>You, Anonymous, ended up going to the show alone.
>As fun as it would have been to go with Cut, you really wanted to keep this trip focused on business, not pleasure.
>Plus Cut was right, going without Pike felt wrong.
>So popping your Wonderbolts’ cherry turned out to unfortunately be a solo event.
>You certainly see why they’re so popular now, the show was thrilling.
>To your human mind, it struck you as an interesting blend of a trapeze act and a flight show.

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