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A rank amateur taking orders from a senile old mare

The Only Stuff I Write

I've written some RGRE comedy greentexts that can be found here
Take a peek! If you want.

Massive shout out to NigNogs, Andromailus, Mkogwheel, and Anonymous for the art.


AHAHA FINALLY I'VE DONE IT more Long and Short of It · 3:29am Nov 13th, 2023

>You, Anonymous the Unicorn, stirred in your slumber. 
>After yesterday, you felt like you could’ve slept for a week.
>Celestia always brings that damn sun up, so here you were waking up once again.
>Gently moving your big old hoof around the covers, you play out an unusual morning ritual that’s worked its way into your repertoire.
>Eventually you bump it into someone, and a quick ruffle of her fur confirms it’s Cut.

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