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I am a fanfic critic i will give your work a number from 1 to 200. But i will only mark your work if you have more then 10 fanfic storys

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Please check out my story · 6:17pm Jun 3rd, 2021

Hi to fanfic witers.
Please check my storys .
2 idiotic humans in equestria.
What if deathklok was in equestria .
Rick and morty a multverse equestrian adventure

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Too bad that is was one of a plagiarizer:applejackunsure:.

This was posted 13 minutes ago, and I just accidently stumbled on this account.

You can check the actual authors of the stories here where Hotel_Chicken had listed them in a blogpost:

I know you plagiarized it.

Do you have links to the actual owners of the stories because when they deleted them the likes and markers wasn't transferred. You're not even able to see what stories where removed.

  • Viewing 964 - 968 of 968
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