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The Warrior Of Darkness

Hearken unto me, Crystal Bearers. Thy foe is clad in infernal Light. If thou wouldst triumph, thou must look to the Dark.

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  • 177 weeks
    It's Been Awhile.

    So, It's been awhile... How've you all been keeping? Yes, I'm terribly sorry for dropping the stories and fleeing like I did, it's something I find terribly callous of myself even though I stopped because I was quite frankly, lazy and did not have the motivation. I am willing to try this again, and I think I'll actually attempt at getting an editor this time. Now, this does mean that you shouldn't expect weekly or even bi-weekly updates. A chapter will get done when it gets done, but

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  • 197 weeks
    Trying Something New!

    I'll be trying something completely new with how Chapters will be released for my stories for now on, so don't worry if you don't see them getting updated for this month. I'm diligently working on them in between work, so you'll wait and see for what I have in store. This basically means that NO, the stories I have started aren't dead, and I'll make sure to finish them before I choose to make any other stories. This is definitely saying it won't be updated for at least a month, two at the most,

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  • 198 weeks
    The Light's Chosen Reincarnated as Equestria's Light: A Realm Reborn

    Rewrite is now up with it's first chapter! I'd like to thank you all who have helped me properly facilitate the rewrite! Find it here:


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  • 199 weeks

    New chapter up for Cold Cacophony, so check it out! In other news, I'm nearly caught up to 5.3 and currently, I'm at Hero's Gauntlet so do expect the new story to go up soon. In other other news, I've started development on another story, which means there's a good chance that I'll be juggling three from now on real soon. If so, the way it will work is each week, a different story will get an update, with at least one week out of the month being planning or writing or etc. That story is

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  • 200 weeks
    The FFXIV Revival

    According to my Free Company, I am on the last MSQ for Shadowbringers, so start expecting that new story to pop up real soon. On another hand, I do want to say that my old version of the story will get one final chapter that will serve to close off the old story and make it anew. Eternity is coming, can you feel it?

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Thanks for the Fave on The Chalk Prince and the Clover, fellow Warrior of Darkness

Thanks for the fav on "To Name a Rainfall," I appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

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Comment posted by The King of Hearts deleted Jun 8th, 2020
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