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The King of Hearts

Plain and simple Brony. (Loves Ding Dongs. (The chocolate kind(Not the weiner kind (Unless I'm in a good mood.))))


My First Blog · 7:32pm Jul 26th, 2013

Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blof-- Whoops, Blog Blog Blog Blogblogblogblogblogblogblog.

Tough stuff!

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I always see people with interesting things on other pages, so I've decided to make mine interesting as well! I have a video for you all!

I'm grooving on this right now.


You can stop clapping now, for realz.

The Long and Sprawling OTR Series

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More is on the way, promise. Just been busy with the holidays.

Ya know, eating too much gingerbread, spending money on gifts, crying because I'm lonely, decorating the Christmas tree... pretty normal stuff!

Hope you had a great Christmas! Any news on updates?

Gary Stu, eh?:ajsmug:

Hmm..... heh.:raritywink:

yer a sissy milk drinker if ya just want wine:rainbowlaugh:

True men drink mead!:trollestia::rainbowlaugh::trollestia:


Thanks! Sorry about the grammar and such. I wrote that stuff a while ago

2323726 ok I got it thks it's a good story so far

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