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Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blof-- Whoops, Blog Blog Blog Blogblogblogblogblogblogblog.

Tough stuff!

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I always see people with interesting things on other pages, so I've decided to make mine interesting as well! I have a video for you all!

I'm grooving on this right now.


You can stop clapping now, for realz.

The Long and Sprawling OTR Series

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I'm sorry for doing a third comment in such a short time, but I would like to point out that Can you Feel the Love Tonight, the one performed by Elton John is my favorite song of all time. The original Lion king film is my favorite animated film of all time, and it features one of my favorite, if not my favorite original film score of all time. I would watch this film and Aladdin almost every day or almost every week when I was a kid. If not, than that's what it felt like though, Sorry I'm just trying to be honest.

When I read Off the Record I imagine the oc characters having celebrity stories. When it comes to Alex/Dax, he's both played and voiced by Brad Pitt, if there's going to be a film version of this, they can use digital effects to make him look younger. For Chet, he's Jeff Bridges. For Alpha, he's Brad pitt's Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood costar Leonardo DiCaprio. For the main antagonist of Darkness Zone, it's Ralph Fiennes, the fat changeling is Billy Zane, the changeling that helps in that storyline is Jason Isaacs, the psychotic changeling in that story is James Woods, and Chrysalis's love is Edward Norton. For the character of Ramsley, it's Terrernce Stamp the mare in that story is Meryl Streep, the character of Jango is Temuera Morrison. I'm sorry that forgot the names of the characters here, it's been a while. For King Sombra he's Benedict Cumberbatch as with most of the fanfics that I've read featuring him. I wasn't a big fan of his voice in season 9 of the show. For the chapter that has Discord in the human world, again for a live action film, they can use digital effects to make John de Lancie look like what he was back on Star Trek TNG. Aiden's father is Willem Dafoe.

Off the Record is I think one of the first stories or one of the first biggest stories that I might of read, if not than I think the first biggest one was a Total Drama crossover or it may have been The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments. Anyway, when I finally read your series in its entirety, with the exception of the ones that has the mature ratings, I didn't regret on reading them because I absolutely lovvvvvvvvveeeeddddd it! I'll admit the first two off the record stories that I've read were Lament, because Nightmare Rarity interested me since reading those comics, and Escape since it had the Mane 6 (minus Rainbow Dash for reasons) in our world. Even though back when I think I knew when reading Off the Record after reading those two where at some point before Escape, the two broken up and back together in the end of that storyline, I was still interested in those two love couple and. I may not of been a Rainbow Dash back then or maybe I was, but still though, she's amazing in these stories. Here's hoping that once the big threat comes and goes that there will be more stories featuring Rainbow Dash and Alex.

Oh my Celestia! I can not believe that I have yet to follow you! :pinkiegasp: I hope you're not too insulated. I've very much been enjoying your stories.

You and me both.

It'll be here soon... ish.

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