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A guy that loves all things creepy,funny, and all-round entertaining!! I also enjoy reading


Life · 5:28am Jan 20th, 2020

I have recently come back after 2 years and quite a lot has changed. My favorite stories haven’t been updated and the authors have done this because life gets in the way, because of its unpredictability a person can go from feeling cheerful to depressed and vice-versa. That is why I will be reading more stories, however at a slower rate because of studies and I will also be showing more sympathy for the authors.

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My fun Favorites to read

Dark stories

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The undeniable might of your mind has brought you to Standing United and given it a favorite! Thank you!

Thankies for the favorite on Li'l Chryssy, awesome possum! 💖💖💖

Hope you liked it!

You're welcome, friend. You deserve a smile! :rainbowkiss:

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